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Apr 13, 2004 02:10 PM

Looking for good value

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This is a call to all those who are constantly on the look for good deals in Montreal.

I've seen many posts on such fine establishments as Toque, Anise and La Chronique on this board, and I understand that they are culinary destinations for visitors to our city.

But my wife and I are more interested in taste and value, than in the ultimate foodie experience. We'd rather go out more often than saving our money for a big $150 extravaganza (yes, it's an extravaganza for us).

So what are your suggestions of restaurants that offer great value (and I don't necessarily mean big portions here)? To give you an idea, we like Soy, Ban Lao Thai, Iris, Aux Lilas, Il Boccalini...

It doesn't have to be in the Plateau or other central neighborhoods. In fact, we like restos located in little-known neighborhoods like Montreal-Nord and Ville Saint-Laurent.


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    Other than what you listed, here are some suggestions:

    PucaPuca on St-Laurent: Peruvian, 12$ a meal, great chow, cheap wine.

    Au detour Bistro on Beaubien: Nice french bistro, right next top Beaubien cinema, makes for a nice evening.

    Restaurant Thailande on Bernard: Consistent a reasionably priced Thai.

    La Banquise on Rachel: Best poutine (non Foie Gras!) in town.