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Apr 28, 2014 11:51 AM

Looking for local North Carolina food gifts to send for Mother's & Father's Day

Hi folks,

I have some best friends who live in Waxhaw, NC who just had a baby and I'd love to send them some gifts for the upcoming holidays. For the mother, I'd like to send her a package of different cheeses and meats. For the father, I would like to send him a bunch of fresh crab so they can make crab cakes. He's originally from Baltimore and he loves crab.

So, my question is: Is there a local cheese and meats purveyor from whom I can order multiple items and have them delivered? I live in NYC and my personal model is Murray's Cheese Instead of doing the packages though, I tend to put things together to fit my budget. I'm thinking about $40 - $50 max for each including shipping.

Also, *please* give me a heads up on a really great seafood place near there that will deliver their goods to people. Any suggestions are extremely welcome.

Thanks y'all.

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  1. I'm not aware of any place that's truly local and will actually deliver. Reid's Fine Foods (in Charlotte) and A Southern Season (Chapel Hill) will ship, but then again, Murray's ships too.

    I don't there is any "local" (as in from NC) crabmeat right now, too early in the year, and again, I'm not aware of any local seafood place that delivers, unfortunately.

    You may want to think of a plan B.

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    1. re: carolinadawg

      Thank you. I was looking at Southern Season also and was wondering if their quality is any good. I'll check out Reid's as well.

      My basic aim is to find a place that carries a bunch of local NC food and can ship it/has e-commerce. I want to support local economies but also, I want them to be able to get it afterward if they love the food. Otherwise, they'd have to spend more time and money on shipping things from NYC. Know what I mean?

      1. re: cornedhash

        I understand completely. If I think of anything else I'll let you know. Best of luck!

        1. re: cornedhash

          I have ordered from southern seasons and was quite pleased.

          1. re: LaLa

            Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'll probably go with them.

        2. re: carolinadawg

          My CSF is just starting to get a few soft shells...

          1. re: meatn3

            I had soft shells 2 nights ago at Elaines and they were wonderful. I'd love to hear about other places that are getting them in (actually was going to make a post about this). If anyone is hearing about soft shells at local places, can they post here?

            1. re: LulusMom

              Blackthorne Restaurant & Bar in Ballantyne just had some over the weekend. I saw a photo posted on their facebook.

              1. re: lynnlato

                Yea! Thanks for posting this. I just moved from Maryland and celebrated my May b'day every year with softshelled crabs and was hoping to find a place here to continue the tradition. This is just what I was looking for.

                1. re: Terrie H.

                  I know that Blackthorne has had a new executive chef come on board (Blake Hartwick) and he's got a great rep around town. I heard he's revamping the menu and doing some pretty interesting stuff. I also heard a rumor that Chef Marc Jacksina is there as well (former exec. chef at Halcyon and Lulu). I'm anxious to get over there and eat!

                  I'm sure there will be other restaurants around town that will serve soft-shelled crabs. I'm guessing that Heritage Food & Drink in Waxhaw will have them, but don't quote me on that. ;)

                  Welcome to Charlotte!

        3. Southern Season is a great suggestion. The cheese selection is impressive. They also carry things like D'artagnan products (or at least did last time I was looking for them).

          I am from DC, and I haven't found any crabs down here that match what I was used to next to the Potomac (I love it here, but that is something I miss).

          1. Hi Cornedhash,

            Reid's is a great local gourmet shop. I know of several local purveyors but I'm not certain about delivery. But I'm a big believer in "it never hurts to ask" and "the worst they can say is no".

            Orrman's Cheese Shop is a small, locally own cheese shop and she carries several local cheeses, including the ever-so-lovely Bosky Acres Goat Cheese, whose farm is in Waxhaw (different flavors are available). Here's a link:

            I am a big fan of a local fish market that is close to Waxhaw also. They have great local fish, shrimp, oysters, etc. and are super nice people. My guess is they would be happy to work with you on putting together something nice.

            I hope these help and you what you're looking for. Good luck!

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            1. re: lynnlato

              Hey lynnlato, thanks for these suggestions. I was looking at Orrman's Cheese Shop too and dismissed it because they didn't have e-commerce but you're right. I should call them and ask for some of their local cheeses and for them to arrange a basket for me.

              Also, thanks for the Carolina Fish Market suggestion too. I may ask them to deliver some of their lump crab meat closer to Father's Day. Crab should be more in season around then yeah?

              1. re: cornedhash

                Yes indeed! These are small, local businesses that are very popular/reputable around here. I always like supporting them too, because they are small & local (did I already say that?). ;)

                What a great gift idea to arrange for your friends. I'm sure they will appreciate whatever you are able to arrange.

            2. I just saw mentioned of a seafood market in Wilmington, NC that ships. They might be an option for the crabs for Father's Day. S/H is high for perishables for it may come in over the budget you hope for...


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                Ooh, thank you for this meatn3. I'll check them out also.

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