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Apr 28, 2014 10:33 AM

Europa Gourmet in Hollywood

Europa Gourmet
European Food-Deli Supermarket
1422 South Federal Highway

They opened 2 weeks ago-
They have a good selection of foods including breads,pastries, preserved fish,kefir, cheese, candy, and canned items. There is also deli counter and prepared food bar.
There are tables out front and in back to eat some of the goodies purchased inside

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  1. А чи є там фрукти і овочі ?
    fruits and vegetables have?

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    1. re: viktor

      I donot speak/read Russian-
      they do have some fruits and vegetables

    2. I had been to this Europa gourmet food store, and I just want to say, that the workers are very rude people, they have no manners and give very poor service. Typical Russians.