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Apr 28, 2014 10:27 AM

Solo Dining Near White House

Even though I've been to the DC/Balitmore area a few times over the years this is my first post to the board. I'm looking for a few good recs for solo dining near the white house. I am fine with cabbing, walking, metro, but I will have many long days while in town and don't want to spend too much time in transit. I am staying at the W all week. No restrictions on diet .

As for types of food, I would love a couple of good gastropubs mixed with some great ethnic spots: thai, vietnamese, sushi, latin, etc. I am really open in this regard and DC is great for hitting up different cultures and flavors.

For cost, I would like to keep it somewhat reasonable and I'm fairly good on the higher end upscale spots (this board has those covered pretty well), but if there is a deal or bar at one of the nicer restos that would make sense for solo dining - feel free to bring it up. Thanks for the help.

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  1. Some to check out in the neighborhood: Woodward Table (I think it qualifies as a gastropub) at 1426 H St. Also Siroc (Italian, good pasta) at 915 15th St. Mio (Latin American) at 1110 Vermont Ave. Fujimar (asian-latino), 1401 K St. DGS (contemporary spins on traditional jewish deli), 1317 Connecticut Ave. None will break the bank for lunch.

    Also a bevy of food trucks every day at Farragut Sq and Franklin Sq.

    1. Go to Taberna del Alabardero for happy hour in the bar area. Way overpriced but seriously good tapas and sangria for half price, which brings them down to normal human consumption level. If you don't see patatas bravas listed, just ask. They know how to make it.

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        YES! Their Happy Hour is a great deal and delicious (make sure to get the croquettas).

        If you like Indian, Rasika West End is not far from the W and delicious! I dine there solo often (usually sitting at the bar). It's not a cheap eat, but it's worth the money.

        You also are not far from Farragut West and McPhearson Square where a lot of food trucks gather. That might be fun to check out during lunch time (Fridays tons of them are at Farragut Square).

        Sushi Taro is usually really expensive but they also have some sort of happy hour deal only at the sushi bar during the week. Worth looking into because its probably the best sushi in town.

      2. I don't know if you can get into Little Serow (no reservation) but that's the best Thai (northern/Isan/Lao) DC itself (it's prix fixe 7 courses only for $45 - not cheap but not really expensive).

        Thai Xing also does a prix fixe and they do take reservations.

        I'm not aware of any latin American restaurant in DC that's really good (Mio is okay, and there are some half ass Peruvian joints). Actually Del Campo is really good, but it's more of a steak house.

        For really good sushi, there's Sushi Taro in Dupont. For Japanese but not sushi, there's Izakaya Seki and Daikaya (which also does ramen).