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Apr 28, 2014 09:42 AM

il norcino bernabei in marino

I'm planning a Saturday visit to Il Norcino Bernabei in Marino when I'm in Rome. I was just wondering if anyone knows what time of day would be best to visit. If I go in the afternoon, is there a chance that they would run out of the porchetta? Also, are there other items at Bernabei that I should be sure to try while I'm there?

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  1. they are closed 1-4:30 pm. better to go in the morning. try all cured meats but especially the smoked guanciale ( a rarity).

    1. Although they won't run out of porchetta, it's best to go in the late morning.

      In addition to the porchetta, you should try any of the house made dried sausages they have that day. They tend to change, according to availibility and season. Another thing to try is the coppiette, which is like pork jerky.

      Bring along a couple of paper plates, napkins etc. and you can to to the little park behind the Bernabei. It's actually just the terrace that is over the parking garage, but it has a few benches and magnificent views out over the valley,

      If, instead, it's raining, then you can head to Gino's, which is off the main square where the fountain is, Via Cavour. It's a tiny place that serves wine by the pitcher. Don't be put off by the looks (it looks kind of like someone's garage) but head in and sit at one of the plastic covered tables. Order your wine and you can eat your own food.

      1. Thank you guys so much again for the notes! We'll probably be making this a morning trip then :)

        1. Here are a couple of photos.One is of the porchetta fresh out of the oven at Bernabei.
          The other is to give you an idea of the 'ambiance' at Gino's. Very spartan,but fun.

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            getting excited now!! the pork looks amazing :) do you happen to know what time the porchetta would usually come out fresh from the oven... or is it something that would vary throughout the day... i'll call the shop tomorrow to see if i can find out with the little italian i've picked up... lol, we'll see how that goes... but curious if you had any idea...

            1. re: fizzy

              Don't worry about it being fresh out of the oven. It actually has to rest a while before it can even be sliced. The perk of getting there when it just comes out of the oven is for the smell alone. Which may make you faint, it's so good.