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Apr 28, 2014 09:32 AM

group dinner for visiting Bostonians near Hyatt Olive 8?

Nine of us Boston-area academics are coming to Seattle - most of us for the first time - for a conference near the Hyatt Olive 8. What would you recommend for a group dining spot? Price isn't a huge issue. We're in our 40s and 50s. We'd like to avoid chains and pizza. From just looking at a map I was wondering about Terra Plata or Purple Cafe. What else should we consider? Thank you so much in advance for your ideas.

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  1. welcome to the emerald city - there is a small private dining room just abaft the bar at blueacre seafood (7th/olive) that would suit your gang perfectly (give them warning to get it set up, of course). excellent seafood and some good landfood, too - northwest wines - terrific oyster and cocktail service. prices well in line with quality

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      These are all such wonderful suggestions. Thank you all! We won't be there for a few months yet but I promise to post a detailed review when we're done. Looking forward to visiting your city.

    2. Since you're coming from seafood rich Boston (Legal Seafood and Turner just off the top of my head), I would head down towards Pike Place Market (Le Pichet, Steelhead Diner, Place Pigalle, Le Bistro and others for a unique taste of Seattle. Since there are nine of you, your tastes are probably divergent as well. Several restos in that area have a wide selection of tasty entrees ... something for everyone so to speak.

      1. Purple is fine but nothing special. I would head to Capitol Hill. Near Terra Plata are Taylor Shellfish and Sitka & Spruce, which I sometimes do in tandem and taken together scream Seattle. Also Mamnoon is good across the street.

        1. 9 is a decent number, so reservations would be great(a must?) for you to have, and some fave spots on this board don't offer them, so that changes the landscape a bit.

          BlueAcre would be good, but you might try something with a wider-ranging menu, since you are from another seafood-centric area.
          Good locally sourced food resto's with great prep's that take reservations (that are fun, feel of-our-town, etc.) would include; Matt's in the Market (in PPM), The Whale Wins in Fremont, RockCreek in Fremont (seafood centric, but with a wide world view), La Bete on Capitol Hill - a restaurant that I don't think get's enough love on this board, and perhaps if you want to go a bit upscale, you might consider Theirry's new place DT for some fine French-via-Northwest Loulay?

          Have fun, and as always, we ask you to tell us how it tasted and how much fun it was!

          1. I agree with sweetpotater that Purple is nothing special. Most of the meals I have had in Purple's around the area are mediocre. Not bad -- just not spectacular!