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Apr 28, 2014 09:28 AM

Harvest on Hudson v. Half Moon

Quality of food is the ONLY criterion.

Thanks for all considered opinions.

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  1. Easy - Harvest on Hudson.

    1. no comparison, H on H is waaay better.

      1. Both Harvest on Hudson in Hastings-on-Hudson and Half Moon in Dobbs Ferry are owned by the Fort Pond Bay restaurant group. But Vincent Barcelona has left Harvest on Hudson after being its chef for ten years according to an article on Patch.

        1. I've been to HoH several times over the years and never thought it was that great. Good, but not more than that.

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            I was underwhelmed. The place is very pretty and so is the view, but the

            1. re: JMF

              So . . . where to go in that area for dinner?

              Again: It's about the food. I don't care to be 'handled' or 'treated' (read: patronized), I don't care if the service is slow, and I don't care what the lighting is.

              My wife and I will be at Cropsey, the museum/estate in H on H, beforehand. We will have a car for the day (as Brooklynites, we don't own one) and are willing to travel some after the museum for the meal.

              Thanks in advance for your opinion.

              1. re: 75 percent cacao

                Have a drink at Harvest and check out the view, then have dinner at Saint George; it's just north of Cropsey and is a beautiful room and great food.

                1. re: piglet3000

                  Good ideas. Alternatively, consider Chutney Masala and MP Taverna in Irvington.

                2. re: 75 percent cacao

                  In the area st George, mp taverna, the cookery. Half moon is great for drinks. My last dinner there was crazy expensive ( a celebration dinner there requested by the guest of honor) and really not that good. But they make good mixed drinks and have a surprisingly good beer list. I say grab a drink there and sup elsewhere!

                  1. re: 75 percent cacao

                    Drive over to Armonk and eat at Restaurant North. Make sure you have a reservation, and ask to be seated upstairs if possible.

                    Lots has been written on this Board about Restaurant North--just search for it.

                  2. re: JMF

                    def wasn't saying HoH was great by any means, but between the 2 it's way better than HM. Truth is, other places around there are far better, I was merely answering the question. didn't know if OP wanted other ideas besides those.

                  3. I've been to both places at least half a dozen times (probably to Harvest a few more). The main reason to go to either one is to socialize and enjoy the view. I don't think anyone goes to either place for the food.

                    That said, I've had decent pizza, pasta, and skate wing at Harvest. I've also had heinous foie gras (what a waste of a glass of sauterne) and a really awful strawberry chicken salad (literally the only thing on the menu that was light enough to eat on a 90-degree day while sitting outside).

                    At Half Moon, the baked clams were pepper-covered erasers, the lobster roll was on an ice-cold bun and loaded with tarragon, the crab cakes had shell/cartilage in them, and raw oysters were dried out, However, the shrimp by-the-piece at brunch were good and the skirt steak with chimichurri (not currently on the menu) was okay.

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                    1. re: foodiemom10583

                      Regarding Half moon someone in that kitchen is overly fond of tarragon. The tarter sauce is loaded with it too. IMO there was only one single item on the menu worth ordering, the belly clams. They were outstanding and disappeared from the menu a long time ago. I had two pretty horrible experiences which I've posted about here. I agree sit outside order a cocktail feed the ducks and take in the view.