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Apr 10, 2004 06:59 PM

decent grocers in the plateau

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i'm looking for decent grocers in the plateau, especially in the sherbrook papineau area.

just somewhere that is good to get everyday stuff. nice produce, a good deli and good butcher type stuff and general other stuff.

heck, i'd be happy with a chain type store. just somewhere in this area that has reasonable selection.


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  1. I don't know of anything south, west, or east of there, but if you go north to Mont-Royal (about a ten minute walk) you'll find a world of yummy groceries. Within a block or two east of Papineau you'll finds an artisinal sauciciserie (sp?), the excellent Maison du Roti (for excellent meaty things and cheeses), a small but decent poissonerie, a Val-Mont produce store (excellent), and a couple of bakeries.

    Go west a couple of blocks and you'll find another Val-Mont, another (less expensive) butcher shop, and if you keep going, many specialty stores. There's also a poissonerie on Papineau just below Mont-Royal (behind the car rental place on the east side).

    You can't starve on the Plateau as long as your're pointed at Mont-Royal!

    If you just want a regular grocery store, go north on Papineau to the first road north of Sherbrooke (rue Gauthier) and turn east. As far as I know there are a couple of grocery stores along there.