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Hazuki Kitchen, New Bedford

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We were hesitant to head here after reviews on Yelp. Thank god we did. Wow!! Take out spot, w a few small tables. Clean and neat. We called to ask how long for take out. We timed it perfectly...came in waited 5 mins and order was ready. It was accurate. Drove 3 mins to our home.

We had 5 rolls. 2 spicy tuna; 1 spicy yellowtail ; 1 salmon/advacado and the Chorishi Fire roll. All were fresh, large and tasty! The Chorishi was maybe the best sushi roll I've had since Kagawa in Quincy. Price point was spot on. Regular rolls were $5.99 and special roll was a steal at $9.99. $34 all in and we were stuffed. As a point of reference we are Turks fans and this place (food only) is right next to it and maybe a bit ahead. We were blown away! Get here it's worth it. Www.hazukikitchen.com

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  1. I concur...amazing spot..we posted the same time same place..that means, it's got to be great..so excited...