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Apr 28, 2014 06:07 AM

Lunch and afternoon pick me up in Philly

Heading to Philly for the first time for a wedding. Staying at the Palomar and leaving the baby at home in NYC. Any suggestions for a great grown up Saturday brunch/lunch and late afternoon snack? Pregnant lady here so unfortunately no sushi, cold cuts or cocktails.

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  1. Parc is a great brunch destination and it's only a few blocks from the Palomar. You will probably want to make a reservation though.

    As far as snacks, Capogiro has pretty good gelato and is only a few blocks farther away.

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    1. I would suggest going through DiBrunos on Chestnut for a snack, they have good non-charcuterie options and desserts.

      You might also swing through Federal Donuts on Sansom for a donut and/or fried chicken "snack."

      1. I think one other place, a little further away would be RTM, with apple dumplings, fresh made doughnuts, millers amish pretzels terminis cannolis...

        You could also go to the other terminis location which is in the food court at the Comcast Center if cannoli and italian pastries are your craving.