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Apr 28, 2014 03:47 AM

Hazuki Kitchen in New Bedford

Sushi in a clean cutie pie little gem in New Bedford? It's as good as it gets. Off street parking, friendly welcoming staff and really great sushi. First off, they have bubble tea! This stuff is addictive..I don't know what's more fun, sipping this cold frothy delight through a mega star and sucking up the tapioca beads or chewing them after? My boyfriend and I shared a green tea. We perused the menu noticing the staff efficiently preparing meals and working with a happy vibe. I digress, back to the menu. The sushi offerings are plentiful. There are many options for the non sushi eater. We chose a dragon rolls, spider roll, two spicy tuna rolls and eel nigari. We ordered to go but would eat at one of the high tops next time. They have 3 two top standard tables along the wall as well. Service/ meal prep took about 20 minutes. We couldn't get home fast enough to eat. It was simply delicious. I don't live in the hood but boyfriend does and was already planning his next visit this week. We love Turks and I love Inaho (Cape Cod) and were very pleased with Hazuki. I'll be back for sure. Wish them well. Price before take out gratuity was 34.00 as I recall.

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  1. Soooo funny! I just posted about this place as well. Looks like we both copied our reports from that other site. Man I hope this place makes it. They've done ZERO as far as marketing goes.

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      Spread the word, Cape Cod Kid..spread the word...I will go as much as I can..