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Apr 28, 2014 03:16 AM

Slurping Turtle--Ann Arbor

Should I be eating here? Given the locale, I'm especially looking for comparisons with Totoro, Tomukun etc.

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  1. The answer is YES!!!

    We went on Saturday night and really liked it. It's a great addition to Ann Arbor. I don't know about the other 2 places you listed since I haven't tried them, but it's great having a restaurant like this (wonderful food, cool vibe, affordable, serves different needs) in Ann Arbor.

    The wait is super long right now! We put our name in at around 5:45pm and waited a little over an hour. They'll take your cell phone # so you can go and walk around but be prepared. They only take reservations for groups of 6 and above.

    We started off with the soy marinated salmon and that was probably the best dish we ate. It blew me away! It was served on a tortilla almost like a pizza. Had eel sauce, an unbelievable anchovy aioli, jalepenos, tomatoes and some other things. It was FULL of flavor and perfect as a starter. We then had the vegetarian sushi roll. It was good---probably the best veggie roll I've had but it's still a veggie roll. We then each got a ramen bowl which was unnecessary. Our waiter failed to tell us that they were big enough to share (we heard him tell the couple next to us later). They are HUGE and you can easily share if you are getting appetizers. I got the chicken ramen which was very delicious. But surprisingly my husbands mushroom and tofu ramen was even better. It's probably the healthiest ramen on the menu and it has a beautiful broth.

    I'm really excited by this place and plan to come back soon to try the rest of the menu. I tend to think ramen as a cold weather food but there are so many other options on the menu and other ways to order that this is definitely a year-round restaurant.

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    1. re: Elyssa

      So it is open! I was going to come on here and openly ask the OP if Slurping Turtle was, in fact, open for business. Glad to hear you liked it, Elyssa.

      To the OP: both the owner and the executive chef have a lot of experience and cache in the area (and outside of it, as well). Too, they have the only ramen-making machine in what is apparently squillions of miles, which makes me curious to try it just based on general principle.

      I'm not at all surprised by Elyssa's observation that the wait is ridiculously long right now. I imagine it'll be that way for quite a while, especially on weekends. Truly, though, if you plan for that, Ann Arbor is a very walk-aroundable town, and you can kill off an hour beforehand doing just that.

      Heaven help you should you wait until fall and try going there on a Saturday with a U of M home game. You'll be able to walk to *Detroit* before your phone rings that your table is ready.

      1. re: boagman

        Actually the *best* time to go out to eat in Ann Arbor during the school year is during a home football game. Not before or after, but during the actual game.

        1. re: momskitchen

          Unless the restaurant has tvs and then it's just as busy as the Big House.

          1. re: Elyssa

            I don't agree - going to a restaurant with TVs in downtown Ann Arbor when a football game is one of the best times to do it. They are always empty

            1. re: momskitchen

              Not in my experience. If it's a game day and people don't have tickets to the game, they are camping out in the restaurants with tvs. Also a lot of people come to Ann Arbor on game days just to hang out and not necessarily go to the least during big games. This was my first fall in A2 but my husband goes to all the games and I would usually be left to hang out by myself. A lot of the time I would go to a restaurant and if it had tvs it was hard to find a seat.

    2. FYI they opened last week for lunch service. We had no wait for lunch around 1p. Liquor license still pending. Yes, it's worth the drive if you're in DTW. However, hope is coming -- Johnny Noodle King will might be open in Corktown by summer's end, and the bowl I had at their pop-up last month was pretty damn good. (They're not getting their own noodle machine, but they are sourcing custom noodles from Sun Noodle in NJ.)

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        1. re: momskitchen

          I went to Matsuchan with my girlfriend...*once*. I'd heard how great it was, and when we tried it, the phrase "severely disappointed" only partially encapsulates the experience. Sure, it's possible that I got a one-off experience, but I left over half my food on the table. Not just substandard. Bad.

          With Neehee's right down the street, there's no reason to go here, in my opinion.

          1. re: boagman

            Nagomi in Novi is worth a shot. As I recall, the meat in my Matsuchan ramen was inedible.

            1. re: oppsie

              I recall the same thing, as well as it being one of the most curry-crazy things I'd ever attempted to eat. Just awful.

            2. re: boagman

              It's funny you say this I have been twice. The first time I was going through a vegetarian kick and got a ramen bowl with tofu and veggies that was awesome. So good I wanted to drink the broth when I was done.

              Second time I went I got a spicy pork or other protein bowl and it was not nearly the experience I had with the vegetarian bowl. The noodles were great both times though.

            3. re: momskitchen

              I went a few years ago and was unimpressed.

            4. I met a friend for lunch. At 1 p.m., we waited 10 minutes for a table. Note most seating is at long counter-like shared table.
              I was impressed w/ the unique fried Brussels sprouts hot starter. My mushroom-tofu whole wheat ramen dish was good: studded w/ asparagus, baby bok choy & grilled eggplant. My friend's pork ramen was amazing--lovely broth.
              Overall, I would say ST does a better job than Tomukun. But busy/crowded--not for all diners.

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              1. re: trapani

                Have eaten there once, also for lunch, and agree. The ramen broths were great, and if you want something on the spicy side, the Tan Tan Men noodles were really superb. Also liked the Brussels sprouts. Not a good place for an intimate date, but I will be back.