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Apr 28, 2014 12:27 AM

Saussignac - wine/restaurant/produce?


I am off to Saussignac in a couple of weeks and am after any recommendations people may have for vineyards/restaurants/producers to visit.

We will be with car, so am happy to travel and am expecting already to head to Monbazillac and St Emilion for wines; though less sure on which vineyards; no preferences on wine type or cost, if good then am happy to try and get a visit in. So far have Chateau Richard, Luc de Conti properties and Château Tirecu as places to get to and am staying at Haut Garrigue.

As travelling with a six month old then restaurant recommendations would be best placed for lunch; again no preference, though would certainly veer towards places serving local produce; current thoughts are Tour de Vents and Lou Peyrol.

In terms of produce, what will be best in season in early May and are there any particularly good producers I can visit/at the local markets?

Thanks for any help

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  1. I am not a fan of most of the wines to the west of you.
    So on a slightly different note I recommend.

    The vineyard of reference for Cahors wines is Clos Triguedina which is in Puy l'Eveque, the center of the appellation.

    And I believe the vineyard of reference for Fronton is Ch Bouissel which is in Campsas north of Toulouse. NB: I have yet to drink my first bottle of their Fronton, but I do very much enjoy the three other products in this post.

    Up towards Angouleme in Charentes they make excellent aperitifs called Pineau des Charentes in white and rosé. Domaine Pautier in Bourg-Charente is tops.

    Also within striking distance are Auch and Condom, focal points for Armagnac.

    1. Just to be complete - I thought people would be interested to hear that lunch at Tour Le Vents was excellent. Vineyard wise, Chateau Richard and Le Chabriers were amazing, great saussignac and interesting dry wines. Good little boulangerie and farm shop outside Gardonne on way to Bergerac on the D936, maybe 2 miles out.

      Obviously ate a lot of suck (tasty) and some good white asparagus, strawberries were a bit hit and miss, but then I always find them a bit like that.