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schrutefarms Apr 28, 2014 12:26 AM

Hey folks! My dad is coming up for dinner this week and wants BBQ. I am in West Hollywood and we don't want to drive far, like say 3 miles or so. I guess it's between Bludso's, Baby Blues or Saddleranch. NOT looking for amazing cuisine, just what would be the most fun on a weekday night, with descent food. And something that would entertain my OC dad, that feels very "Hollywood". I'm leaning towards Baby Blues, even though I have never been there. Fun, lively, with BBQ. Thoughts?

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    nosh RE: schrutefarms Apr 28, 2014 12:30 AM


    Lots of flat screens so there will be games on. Good bar and fun scene. Food -- brisket, pulled pork, ribs -- better than Baby Blues (which i liked in the early years in Venice). One of Bludso's platters with meats, sides, cornbread, and sauces will be great for you and your dad.

    1. perk RE: schrutefarms Apr 28, 2014 06:34 AM

      I was just at Bludso's. Thought it was fine. The food was good....not great. But solid. Very good coleslaw. And I agree that the atmosphere is fun.

      1. gr8pimpin RE: schrutefarms about 13 hours ago

        I just went to Baby Blues in Venice tonight.

        Brisket was tender and juicy. Peppery dry rub on the outside. Last time I had smoked biscuit was at Smoke City. Baby Blues was far more tender and juicy.

        GF got the pulled pork. She had a home in NC and she loved the pulled pork.

        Four sauces table side to choose from plus a bottle of vinegar infused with sport peppers.

        Collards were not chopped much and were in a tomatoey sauce. Not bad for a BBQ joint but I prefer the soul food version better.

        Yeah, this is more of a place to just kind of eat and not hang out at.

        I have yet to hit up Bludso's.

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        1. re: gr8pimpin
          Servorg RE: gr8pimpin about 13 hours ago

          Not quite sure where you went? Was it Saddle Ranch?

          1. re: Servorg
            gr8pimpin RE: Servorg about 13 hours ago

            Duh, my bad!!! Baby Blues - edited my post. Thanks for letting me know!

            1. re: gr8pimpin
              Servorg RE: gr8pimpin about 3 hours ago

              I read through 3 times, thinking I must have missed some obvious clue. As people say "Made me look!" and 3 times no less. ;-D>

          2. re: gr8pimpin
            Dirtywextraolives RE: gr8pimpin about 12 hours ago

            They have great NC 'cue there, I admit. And I think their Mac n cheese is one of the best in the city. But if his dad is genuinely into the best BBQ, Bludso's it is.

            1. re: gr8pimpin
              Eater15 RE: gr8pimpin about 8 hours ago

              Their meats are basically slow cooked BBQ meats covered in BBQ sauce. They're not real que.

              1. re: Eater15
                gr8pimpin RE: Eater15 about 8 hours ago

                Neither the brisket nor the pulled pork had BBQ sauce on it. The brisket had a smoke ring on it. You saying they faked it?

            2. d
              Dirtywextraolives RE: schrutefarms about 12 hours ago

              Hands down, Bludso's . At all costs. Sounds like the La Brea store is pretty fun too.

              1. wienermobile RE: schrutefarms about 1 hour ago

                Get a Texas Sampler from Bludso's Compton…

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                1. re: wienermobile
                  TonyC RE: wienermobile 7 minutes ago

                  sauce on the side, pls.

                  kinda like: no mayo on pastrami.

                  1. re: TonyC
                    carter RE: TonyC 1 minute ago

                    You mean people actually THINK about putting mayo on pastrami?
                    New definition of "heresy".

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