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Apr 27, 2014 11:18 PM

Dinah's Westchester

There is a Groupon available so I could eat there at half price -- actually, treat a friend for lunch.

How is their fried chicken? Any of the sides (I like mashed potatoes and gravy and am intrigued by the pineapple slaw) good? What are their ribs like? Probably not smoked...baked or grilled? Most of the good reviews on Yelp (yeah, i know) talk about the baked pancakes.

Please tell me what you like and dislike about Dinah's.

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  1. No idea as to how their food is…but I just bought the Groupon, as I am trying to find the best fried chicken in all of LA. I've tried Golden Bird, Honey's Kettle, Flossie's, Jim Dandy's…Still need to try Dinah's, Pann's, and….what else???

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      Go up to Pacoima and try Wendill's. It is a Thai restaurant on San Fernando across from the little airport that does outstanding fried chicken cooked to order. Takes a half-hour, so you may want to call ahead. A half-chicken, 4 pieces, with fries and a small really basic salad is $6.50. It comes incredibly hot, thin shattering crust, very juicy.

      I found it after posting on this board places to eat lunch after golf at Hansen Dam.

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        The brand new Superba Food and Bread has a Sunday night fried chicken special but I have not tried it yet.

        I am also a big fan of Flossie's, Pann's & A-Frame's Sunday afternoon and Monday evening's all you can eat Fried Chicken.

      2. I thought Dinah's was decent, but then again that was quite some time ago. Are you only looking for non gourmet type fried chicken that hits the much more affordable range or would you be interested in the Farmshop/Bouchon types too?

        This prior thread really has a good range of recommendations as well as the range of time.

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          Interested in inexpensive good fried chicken. And Dinah's is close to where a good friend works so we could meet for lunch.

        2. We go sometimes because they constantly have a Groupon.

          We usually do one of two things (we're a family of four adults). We either use the 40 dollar Groupon (cost 22 dollars) and have breakfast or we use the 20 dollar Groupon (cost 11) and get the Jr. Fried Chicken dinner to go.

          Breakfast is what you'd expect. Huge portions of the standard eggs/potato/meat variety. I personally get the ham and eggs. What can I say? It's ham and eggs. I ask for hash browns well done and they are capable of making them well done. My wife and sons like the chicken hash and eggs. Pann's is probably better, but Pann's don't have no Groupon.

          The fried chicken dinner is like 23 dollars and you get 10 pieces of chicken, two sides and a whole pie. Because we need it, I always add a second side. It comes to about 33 dollars but since I've got the Groupon it's less (plus the amount I spend on the Groupon -- it comes to about 22 dollars for a ton of food for four people).

          Is the friend chicken amazing? No. It's pretty good, doesn't live in the same universe as the fried chicken at Plan Check. But it's way better than KFC. So, somewhere between KFC and PC. Sides are sides.

          My take: With Groupon, worth it. Without, still pretty good but not nearly as worth it.

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          1. re: PaulF

            But Pann's has the Pann's card.

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              I made an error. The JR fried chicken dinner is 29.95 not 23. Ten pieces of chicken, two sides, eight dinner rolls and a whole pie.

              We had it tonight.

            2. Ah, Dinah's. Where you go when Pann's is closed.

              Fried chicken is good.

              1. Dinah's fried chicken meals used to be a welcome treat when I was growing up in Westchester. My favorite side was the creamed spinach. That said...I haven't had it in well over a decade.