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Apr 27, 2014 09:54 PM

ISO iced cookies

Anyone know of a place that ships cute kosher iced cookies? My law firm used to send baskets (not kosher) with cookie arrangements - so for example, if you had a baby, there might be a cookie of a baby, one of a pacifier, etc. I have been wondering if there's anyplace to order some cute cookies for my daughter's birthday party, but the bakery pickings in the DC metro area are slim, so they'd have to be shipped.

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  1. Googling Kosher custom cookies
    brings a number of examples such as

    I haven't used them myself.


      We got them when our twins were born and have been fans since. They are beautiful. Like most "aesthetic" cookies, the taste is secondary, but these are pretty good.

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        These are so pretty. Whenever we go to a party and these are served, I bring one home for my daughter. They're sturdy too.

      2. Check this website - - I've used them for thank you baskets before. They're out of Long Island.

        1. Zelda's in Chicago does. (

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