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Apr 27, 2014 07:31 PM

Bourdain Parts Unknown: Lyon

One of his more purely food-porny episodes. I always love the ones that leave me wanting to abandon my real life, and relocate for a month. This one made me want to relocate for a year. The school lunch was...<sigh> lovely.

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  1. That school lunch-dude, right?!

    Why do kids have to eat such junk here. But then again, think of what they're eating at home.

    1. This episode is the best of the new season so far. Loved seeing Bocuse living out his twilight years so happy.

      I'm just getting tired of Bourdain seemingly showing up on every CNN program during the week to tout the upcoming episode.

      1. Ya this episode is one of AB's very best of all time.
        (I think he's a great novelist BTW.)
        To be frank I'm getting more than a little tired of 'Tony' being Tony'.
        Now that he's with CNN (for as long as that gig lasts) he's doing what he promised he would do: He's become a lot more 'political'. IMO not a good look for him considering all the years he spent helping spread the 'ugly American abroad' meme.
        To clarify. Tony has always appeared to easily fit into where ever he was filming. Lots of happy faces and shots. That's good. What I've never liked is his 'talk over' remarks he made when back home in the US. Too often we see a happy smiling Tony in say Scotland but the snarky comment/attitude voice over is kind of two-faced IYKWIM.
        Notice in this episode he dropped his snarky/ironic "what does Tony think about this?" attitude he's become semi-famous for.
        He had the good sense to understand he was in the presence of culinary history and greatness.
        Had he acted like 'Tony' he would have diminished himself and he knew it. Good for him.
        This is why I enjoy dear old now dead Keith Floyd's shows. Dozens of which can be watched on You tube.
        Note to Tony: People can get a belly full of very subjective biased 'personal opinions' about what's going on politically in the world today. Stay a bit closer to the foods of the world and farther from the foments.

        1. Super great. Highlights were the school lunch and the insane reconstituted bunny in the Paul Bocuse kitchen.

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          1. re: chompchomp

            When B referred to the sauce as chocolate-like, I wondered if this was what inspired chocolate rabbits. Were those some sort of fake food eyes? They turned up the freakish level.

            1. re: ennuisans

              Yeah, it reminded me of a giant, demented Easter basket bunny. I assumed they were just the real eyes.

              1. re: Wahooty

                Those eyes were very freakish. I would have loved to try that dish, but it looked pretty scary.

          2. I'm going to watch the Noma episode again today.