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Apr 27, 2014 07:25 PM

Affordable catering for birthday party

We're hosting a birthday party for my young daughter in June (Inflatable water slide, baby pool etc) and I'm looking for some affordable, yummy food for our crowd that will include about 20 kids and their parents. i'll have a lot of family in town and won't have a ton of time to prepare food myself so I'm seeking ideas for catering--open to all types of food as long as it includes a few vegetarian options for those who don't eat meat. Any ideas? Food trucks seem too pricey. Thank you!

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  1. Maybe try a culinary student? They have a lot of energy and want to build a resume.

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      Appreciate the suggestion. I don't have any connections to local culinary students. Was hoping for something a bit more straightforward in terms of a place that has menu options, possibly could deliver etc. Any one? Has anyone tried Central Market Catering? Whole Foods seems to be more pricey... Thanks

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        curious as to the price per person target?

    2. Rudy's caters and it's pretty dang affordable for catering. Their veggie options are probably pretty limited, though.

      Last time I threw a party, I ordered some trays from FoodHeads. They were awesome and pretty reasonably-priced, and there were quite a few veggie-friendly options, as I recall.

      Also, Toot Sweet does catering. I've ordered box lunches from them before, and they were excellent.

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          Based on your posts over the years, I would definitely ask you!

        2. Re: Catering - I will never ever ever use or recommend Southern's based on Courtney C's experience. I think it's worth sharing. Having an off night and getting the meat center incorrect may be one thing, putting people's lives at risk is another. simply inexcusable and in my mind grounds for shutdown. glad I wasn't at that wedding. ouch…..

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            Wow that is unfortunate. I really liked Southern's as Steve and his team catered my wedding 4 months ago and food was great, inventive, and very competitive in pricing.