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Apr 27, 2014 06:58 PM

Indian restaurants in Hollywood area....can any make Chicken Tikka v. Fajita Tikka?

Are there any decent Indian restaurants in the Hollywood area?

I have used Seamless and Eat24 to order delivery from a half-dozen well reviewed places.....all were dismal.

I ordered the same:

-Chicken Tikka
-Basmati Rice
-Mango Chutney

For $25-35+

First off not a single place made the Chicken Tikka in the classic Fire Orange Chicken Tikka color. What showed up was Yellow, Green or just off white / beige chicken?

Further none seemed like they were made in a Tandoor oven...they came soaking wet (like boiled) with onions, green peppers, etc. Seemed like a Fajita or Satay

Rice was mealy and Naan was like pita bread.

I moved from NYC and have been used to the 25+ amazing Indian restaurants on 6th St.

Is LA's Indian food that bad?

Who makes Chicken Tikka that actually orange/red and dry, crisp, in a Tandoor overn

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  1. "Is LA's Indian food that bad?"


    1. Parus is good. Vegetarian but nice little potato crepes and such

      1. Anarakali -Melrose and La Brea did a fine job with the tandoori and most dishes, but It has been at least 5 years since I've been back. Here's a photo from '13 showing bright red, crispy looking chix

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          As someone who used to love Anarkali from the early 80s through mid 90's, but then moved to Oregon for awhile, I'm sorry to say they're currently nowhere as good as they used to be. I went last year, and that'll be my last time, I'm afraid. The chicken was abominable, both gristly and not the gorgeous tandoori red in the picture above. (Although I had the chicken tikka masala, not the Tandoori chicken.)

          One would think that enterprising Indian, Greek, and other chefs who make superlative versions of the various cuisines that Los Angeles currently sadly lacks would see a great business opportunity in opening restaurants here. Sigh...

        2. Anarkali was one of the ones i ordered

          note the tomatoes, green peppers with Tikka

          The only thing that is supposed to go with Tikka is white onion

          WoW! LA with 8 million+ cant produce a single Indian delivery joint

          I know there is one near Century the office had a lunch catered and the Tikka was correct color, texture, taste

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          1. re: kayvan

            "WoW! LA with 8 million+ cant produce a single Indian delivery joint"

            we can produce a ton, they're just not that good.

            1. re: kayvan

              We have an excellent one in my hood on the Westside, so sorry, not in Hollywood. And it's very authentic tikka & tandoori.

              1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                Which place? I'm not thrilled with the offerings I've tried.

              2. India's Grill near the Beverly Center?

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                1. re: ilysla

                  It's not in Hollywood, so I'm not sure it's close enough for the OP. But that would be my recommendation for Indian west of downtown. They do a very good tikka.

                  This link is to a photo posted on Yelp last month;