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Indian restaurants in Hollywood area....can any make Chicken Tikka v. Fajita Tikka?

Are there any decent Indian restaurants in the Hollywood area?

I have used Seamless and Eat24 to order delivery from a half-dozen well reviewed places.....all were dismal.

I ordered the same:

-Chicken Tikka
-Basmati Rice
-Mango Chutney

For $25-35+

First off not a single place made the Chicken Tikka in the classic Fire Orange Chicken Tikka color. What showed up was Yellow, Green or just off white / beige chicken?

Further none seemed like they were made in a Tandoor oven...they came soaking wet (like boiled) with onions, green peppers, etc. Seemed like a Fajita or Satay

Rice was mealy and Naan was like pita bread.

I moved from NYC and have been used to the 25+ amazing Indian restaurants on 6th St.

Is LA's Indian food that bad?

Who makes Chicken Tikka that actually orange/red and dry, crisp, in a Tandoor overn

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  1. "Is LA's Indian food that bad?"


    1. Parus is good. Vegetarian but nice little potato crepes and such

      1. Anarakali -Melrose and La Brea did a fine job with the tandoori and most dishes, but It has been at least 5 years since I've been back. Here's a photo from '13 showing bright red, crispy looking chix

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          As someone who used to love Anarkali from the early 80s through mid 90's, but then moved to Oregon for awhile, I'm sorry to say they're currently nowhere as good as they used to be. I went last year, and that'll be my last time, I'm afraid. The chicken was abominable, both gristly and not the gorgeous tandoori red in the picture above. (Although I had the chicken tikka masala, not the Tandoori chicken.)

          One would think that enterprising Indian, Greek, and other chefs who make superlative versions of the various cuisines that Los Angeles currently sadly lacks would see a great business opportunity in opening restaurants here. Sigh...

        2. Anarkali was one of the ones i ordered

          note the tomatoes, green peppers with Tikka

          The only thing that is supposed to go with Tikka is white onion

          WoW! LA with 8 million+ cant produce a single Indian delivery joint

          I know there is one near Century City...as the office had a lunch catered and the Tikka was correct color, texture, taste

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            "WoW! LA with 8 million+ cant produce a single Indian delivery joint"

            we can produce a ton, they're just not that good.

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              We have an excellent one in my hood on the Westside, so sorry, not in Hollywood. And it's very authentic tikka & tandoori.

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                Which place? I'm not thrilled with the offerings I've tried.

              2. India's Grill near the Beverly Center?

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                  It's not in Hollywood, so I'm not sure it's close enough for the OP. But that would be my recommendation for Indian west of downtown. They do a very good tikka.

                  This link is to a photo posted on Yelp last month; http://s3-media1.ak.yelpcdn.com/bphot...

                2. I haven't been yet, but Gate of India, on Sunset and Fuller, gets mostly good reviews on Yelp.

                    1. I guess one has to accept that "gourmet takeout culture" of NYC is only in NYC.

                      Refused a 2 hour late delivery order the other night; owner was dumbfounded that I wouldnt pay for a cold 2hr old order, after he lied after 1hr that it just left.

                      In LA you have to either drive, take home styraform boxes in ur fridge like a suburbanite or hire a cook!

                      Not a problem, as long as you know....

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                        "In LA you have to either drive . . . "
                        Amazing you are barely realizing this now. The enormous freeway system should have been your first clue when you were landing at LAX.

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                          Seriously, the sooner you get over trying to make LA like a NYC2, the happier you will become.

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                            As an Indian-American, it is not hard to understand that LA's Indian community is very different from that of New York and New Jersey. I lived in NJ from 1980-1985 and used to shop frequently in the Indian district in Queens, so I was familiar with the community.

                            Indian diaspora in LA is spread out over a much broader geographical area than NYC. All of Manhattan will fit comfortably inside Pasadena!

                            Little India in Artesia has a decent concentration of Indian shopping stores, but very few of our Indian circle visit there because of distance and traffic, and there are enough local Indian grocery stores that satisfy our grocery needs.

                            We used to go to Artesia for the movies, but that complex closed.

                            LA also has no concentration of cab drivers like NYC has - that has made a lot of difference in supporting some of the South Asian restaurants - not the Tablas or the Tamarinds or the Dawats - but the corner dhabas that are great for kati rolls, and other street foods. That supports a larger Indian food ecosystem.

                            By comparison, the London Indian restaurants are much better and adventurous than those in NYC. As the market demands.

                            And as an Indian, CTM would probably be the last dish I would judge an Indian restaurant by. YMMV.

                          2. Red Tandoori Alert

                            I have not had it but the J Gold 101 List shows a very red/orange tandoori chicken from Mayura - has anyone tried it?

                            Mayura Indian Restaurant
                            10406 Venice Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

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                              He's been talking about Mayura for a very long time. I've yet to check it out, but the sign always grabs me. It's in the corner of a totally nondescript strip mall not far from the Helms Bakery.

                              Mr Taster

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                                I like Mayura, but if you're used to heading down to Little India on a regular basis then I don't think you'll have your mind blown.

                                Not too far away from each other you'll find: Annapurna, Barwachi, and Mayura. I think each of those places are the best of what you'll find in LA outside of Little India and I like Mayura best of those three.

                            2. Where I live they would say " ya gots ta go to Artesia " for good Indian food.