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Apr 27, 2014 06:05 PM

Who has great tart raspberry lime rickeys?

Not counting the lime shortage which is affecting some places now, who has a tart limey raspberry lime rickey? I LOVE the ones at Wild Willy's. Deluxe Town Diner & the Brookline Spa need more lime juice, but at least don't use Sprite like I once got in Newburyport. Now that winter might possibly be over, I'm starting to think more of icy refreshments...

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  1. I've always had excellent ones at Richardson's ice cream in Middleton. They do a nice job of squeezing and muddling so you get lots of lime juice and a bit of lime oil to offset the sweetness of the raspberry syrup. Haven't been yet this year so I have no idea if they are affected by the Great Lime Crisis of 2014.

      1. Haven't been to Bartley's in Harvard Square in forever, but I recall theirs as being very good. I also used to love the RLRs at the Brigham's in Belmont, but they're long gone, sigh.

        Whatever you do, DON'T get one at Cabot's in Newton - much as I love them for other things (one of the last remaining places near Boston where you can get a properly-made ice cream soda - yay!) their RLRs are vile. Are you old enough and local enough to remember Za-Rex? I think that's what they use to make them! (Nasty artificially-flavored lime syrup plus ditto raspberry.)

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        1. re: Allstonian

          The Brigham's in Belmont has them but I'm rarely in the area enough to try one.

          BTW is that the only Brigham's location that was bought and kept open?

          1. re: Unfoodie

            There is one in Arlington at mass ave and park, and last summer when I was in they say they had found non brigham's replacements for almost all their items.

            1. re: lc02139

              Yes I meant to say Arlington not Belmont. How was the Rickey?

              1. re: lc02139

                They have featured the RLR on a big sign in the window at over $4 for a large (32 oz?) one for quite a while on Park Ave in Arlington - I wonder if the current lime shortage has or will hike that price even higher?

              2. re: Unfoodie

                Wait, I thought that the Brigham's in Belmont wasn't a Brigham's any more.

                1. re: Allstonian

                  I think neither are any more, the supplier stopped making bulk ice cream and it's only available in quarts, and per last year were going to have change their names, but never noticed if they did.

                  It will always be Brigham's unless they turn that location in to something with out ice cream. As I remember the rickey was as good as they were in the past.


                  1. re: lc02139

                    Right, the ones mentioned in that article were the ones in Quincy and at Arlington Heights, not Belmont.

                    The one in Belmont became Moozy's in 2012, and per Ruprecht the RLR was only "ok," definitely not as good as Wild Willie's.

                    This is a step down, because when it was a Brigham's the RLRs there were my favorite anyplace, and it was always a pleasure to see how the staffers there took pride in making a good one.

            2. I haven't been there since they moved from Brattle St in Cambridge to up near Harvard Law on Mass Ave, but Hi Rise used to make great very tart limeade, and they had all the monin syrups to turn it into a lime rickey. You could add their sugar syrup as you wanted.

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              1. re: Madrid

                Is their limeade carbonated? Because otherwise I wouldn't consider that a rickey, even with a slug of raspberry syrup.

                1. re: Allstonian

                  nope, as far as remember, not. I loved that limeade.
                  the limeade at bloc 11 in union square is carbonated, and not nearly as good.

                  1. re: Madrid

                    Well, I was about to nominate Diesel's. I find it pretty tart, plenty limey. But I can't say how it compares to Bloc 11.

              2. Meletharb's in Wakefield. Either 1/2 or an entire lime (I can't remember which) squeezed and pestled and topped with ice, a shot of raspberry syrup, seltzer spritzed in. Very refreshing!