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Apr 7, 2004 09:33 AM

La Gaudriole?

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Had a very good meal here two years ago, pleasant low-key dining room, and am thinking about returning again when we're there in a couple months. Has anyone been recently? Is it still good? Also, I read that Chaput has recently changed hands; is it comparable in quality now, or should I stick to Hamel or one in the Atwater market (can't think of the name, cheese is at the back of the shop). Any advice much appreciated.

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  1. Chaput's former shop on Bernard is now Yannick Fromagerie. The selection is wider-ranging though not all cheeses are of the farmhouse or artisanal ilk and pasteurized products are no longer banned. It's still my favourite place to buy cheese. Last weekend I came home with a delicious Sao Jorge from the Azores, an unusual pasteurized Spanish goat cheese called Nava, a killer Reblochon and an austerely beautiful 30-month Comté. Service is as relaxed and obliging as ever and they are more than happy to let you taste before you buy.

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      Thank you for the update, I really appreciate it. Sounds like Yannick is well worth a visit!