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Apr 27, 2014 04:29 PM

Near Camp & Gravier with no car - suggestions?

My first visit to the city - and I have next to no picture in my head, yet, of how things are laid out. I'll be at a hotel near Camp & Gravier with no car, and need breakfast, lunch and dinner for three days. (Hopefully my hotel room will have a mini-frig for leftovers or snacks.)

Any places nearby for a basic breakfast? Any places I shouldn't miss? As a female traveling alone - any places I should avoid?



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  1. The Commerce restaurant is right about there and does a solid breakfast.

    There's a ton of places at any price range in easy walking distance. What're you after, exactly?

    1. I guess I'm after the chow spots that are unique to N.O. I live in Los Angeles, so I do have lots of diversity at hand already.

      I'll be attending a conference which'll take up a lot of my time. But if everybody is dashing out of the hotel for lunch, and they're all heading for a national chain, I'd prefer any old hole in the wall joint that'll give me something unique and tasty.

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        Gotcha. I'm sure there'll be no shortage of suggestions.

        I'd consider Capdeville, both Cochon and Cochon Butcher, Emeril's, Herbsaint, RioMar, Tivoli & Lee, Peche, MiLa -- to name a few spots that are friendly, have better than average food, and are close by.

        For breakfast you can't go too wrong with the Ruby Slipper (though it's not good enough to wait in line for). I think the Warehouse Grill does a pretty mean steak and eggs. If the morning weather's nice, Surry's is a little bit of a walk but worth it.

        You can go really wrong with Mena's, Mother's, and Mulate's -- I'd avoid 'em -- but really, most the non-chain places are not bad at all.

        I'll also mention that cabs (and apparently pedi-cabs) are pretty cheap, making any place along Magazine (Coquette, Lilette) or in the Quarter or Frenchmen St. readily accessible.

        1. re: Big Easy

          Red Gravy is a favorite of ours when we visit New Orleans. Be is not fast food. Relax and enjoy.

        2. Listen to the posters. You are in a great central location.

          Also, there are many past posts on women traveling/dining alone. in general, most of the good restaurants are very welcoming.

          1. You are in a great neighborhood, that being said, if you are venturing out after dark, a cab is a safe alternative to walking in unfamiliar territory. Second Big Easy's Red Gravy suggestion for breakfast. Lunch and dinner nearby: The Bon Ton (great crawfish dishes) on Magazine, le Foret on Camp for a fancy dinner, Cafe Adelaide and the Swizzle Stick Bar on Canal St.