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Apr 27, 2014 04:09 PM

Beginner question on roasting vegetables

I have never roasted vegetables before but tonight I tried an easy roast broccoli and shrimp recipe and it was delicious and said to my husband we really need to try roasting more vegetables. I am looking for any tips but also wondering what people roast their vegetables on, I used a cookie sheet but (as I knew it would) it warped from the high heat, any advice?


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  1. I prefer a cookie sheet or half sheet pan at lower temperatures, 325 or so. Especially veggies like brussels sprouts or radishes where I want/need them cooked soft all the way through, then I bump up the temperature to 400 to brown them up a bit more at the end.

    Also, this is my almost 3 year old's favorite veggie preparation, so I am willing to cater to her specific brussels sprouts demands.

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      Yep...me too. Start "slow" and then crank the heat up at the end. Depends on the "thickness" of what you're roasting.

      One of my favs is the head of cauliflower. Just toss it in there, oven to 325-350. Leave alone for about an hour and then just keep increasing the temp until it's nice and crispy on the outside and done on the inside.

      I also always use foil on the cookie sheet so I don't have to clean up.

      I find that if I use a dark-colored sheet (even under the foil), the bottom roasts faster than when I use a gold touch non stick one. I chose the pan based on what I'm roasting...

    2. Thanks Autumn! Do you season them?

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        Salt, pepper, and olive oil or butter is what I usually use to season my veggies. Depending on what I'm roasting I might put some garlic and parmesan on it too! Beets I will roast without any seasoning and leave the skin on to peel afterwards. I do my veggies on a baking sheet or cast iron pan. Try roasting asparagus! Yummy!

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          I will definitely try asparagus, I love it! I have to admit I have never eaten a beet...

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          Usually salt and garlic powder with olive oil before roasting, a bit of black pepper before serving, so I can separate out the kiddo's portion, as she's not a fan of black pepper.

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            That's so great she loves her vegetables! Thanks for the advice.

        3. I keep a non-stick half sheet pan for roasting veggies and other savories; the edge is important to contain fats and juices that could otherwise wind up on your oven floor.

          I keep another half-sheet pan (Not a non-stick) for the baking of sweets, and reserve cookie sheets for making, well, cookies. :)

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            Good idea I will get a separate sheet pan!

          2. I use an old rimmed cookie sheet. This sheet is only for roasting vegetables since it is slightly rusted and stained. I out two layers of foil in it. After the vegetables are roasted, I throw the top layer of foil away. The bottom layer, I re-use a few times. This way, it saves me the trouble of having to wash the whole cookie sheet.

            This sheet does warp slightly but I don't worry about it.

            I usually roast at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes. I stir halfway. I use olive oil and kosher salt. Depending on the vegetables, I may use thyme, red pepper flakes, oregano, or other herbs. Sometimes I divide the sheet into various veg sections. My favorite roasting vegetables include broccoli, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, sweet potatoes (cut into chunks), cauliflower, cabbage and carrots.

            For asparagus, my technique is slightly different. I have the tray on the top most rack. 475 degrees for 10 minutes. Olive oil and kosher salt only. Fast and delicious.

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              in the oven I use a 2" deep glass casserole pan. on the grill all bets are off.

              I would add (emphasize?) that the cooking times vary wildly, time will teach you, asparagus=fast, zucchini longer than you'd think, chunked potatoes maybe an hour, brussel sprouts maybe half that (which makes for an easy one dish - start the potatoes and halfway toss the sprouts into the olive oil and garlic and re-salt a bit and give a good shake) corn is surprisingly slow.

            2. I use EVOO, salt and pepper and a high temp, 400 to 425 to roast cauli with whole shallots (a fave of mine) or brussels sprouts. I also use two big sheet pans to make roasted ratatouille, then sometimes add fresh parsley and basil when it's done.

              I also love roasted fennel with onions and carrots and fresh thyme sprigs, roasted rutabaga chunks, or brussels sprouts..