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Apr 27, 2014 03:01 PM

Badmaash - Great Lamb Burger

It's a small burger, but full of flavor. Indian spices mixed with the meat make the whole burger. It's cooked to order, served on a soft brioche roll with lettuce, tomato, thinly sliced red onion and aioli sauce.

Chicken tikka masala is fine, but nothing you can't find in numerous other places. What I liked about this one is that the tandoori flavor on the chicken punches through the sauce. This is good with a side order of Indian pickles.

And they have Thums Up cola. This has a great fruity flavor, although it says right on the bottle: Contains No Fruit.

We went on a Sunday and they were having a dog repair class on the lawn of the police department across the street. It was funny to see the dogs misbehaving, then the owners misbehaving, then the dogs.....

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  1. One of my favorite places in DTLA.

    The Poutine is great.

    1. Tried to go last night.

      - No valet to be found
      - Half the streets closed for something
      - half the meters taken away by special events

      I left. I love/hate DTLA.

      Will try again when there's valet or something.

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      1. re: ns1

        Try burgerim in weho for lamb and other burgers. Flying beneath the radar

        1. re: jessejames

          I'm looking for indian food + kingfisher, not specifically lamb burgers. thx tho

          1. re: ns1

            unfortunately burgerim is no more im told

            1. re: ns1

              Finally tried this place out a couple weeks back. Had the butter chicken which was unmemorable. Portions were tiny, including the rice and naan (which was not very good).

              Pleasant 'downtown' decor but in a mostly empty restaurant they sat us at a two top so close to another couple that we had to slide the table out to get in and out. I wouldn't have minded the kid's menu portions so much if they at least provided an adequate serving of rice. Rather than order more and feel completely hosed I went down the street for karaage and a pitcher of beer.

              They justify their high prices relative to the small servings by saying all their ingredients are locally sourced, organic, etc. Am I just an agribusiness-whore for thinking that those kind of ingredients are wasted in a dish like butter chicken? Or is it always worth paying the premium even if the preparation means the ingredients' quality can't be discerned on the plate?

              1. re: mrgreenbeenz

                Perhaps you can't discern? One of my principal complaints is that the ingredients in most Indian restaurants in LA are on the really low end - particularly the spices. Fresh spices as well as meats and vegetables make all the difference in the world. It's not Tabla or Amber but Badmaash is GREAT by LA standards for Indian food.

                1. re: m3tan

                  I asked the question in earnest. If I'm having a roast chicken I can tell the difference between a jidori and a factory bird but I'm not sure the difference would tell in a heavily spiced/sauced dish. You may have a point in regards to the qualities of the spices but when it came to Badmaash's butter chicken nothing about it struck me as extraordinary.

                  I don't have a lot to compare to in LA. The only Indian places I hit up with any regularity are ZamZam (subcontinental at least), Paru's and Mayura. And Badmaash didn't strike me as being able to hang with any of those save maybe Mayura. Though style-wise they are all apples and oranges.

                  1. re: mrgreenbeenz

                    I was answering in earnest. I said the same exact thing in my Yelp review of Badmaash:

                    Zam Zam is great but it's really sad that it is often referred to here as one of the best Indian restaurants in LA. Is it even a restaurant??? That's kind of my whole point. I certainly can taste the difference in the butter chicken whereas I took my dad there and his comment, not specifically about the butter chicken, was "All Indian restaurants are about the same..." (shakes head)...

                2. re: mrgreenbeenz

                  curious where you went for karage and beer? (fuga?) cuz i, not a big eater (stuffed after Belcampo burger), had to pull up to tamix for some al pastor tacos after the (overly spiced and overcooked) lamb burger. btw, it kills me they priced it at $13, more than Belcampo.

                  the best thing about badmaash is the cheap bottles and the decor. i'd rather have (3) dabeli(s) from Jay Barat any day.

                  1. re: TonyC

                    I went to Haru Ulala which I believe has the best fryer skills of any izakaya in Little Tokyo. The atmosphere blows and you will invariably get seated next to a group of USC undergrads ordering sushi rolls but their prices are more than reasonable and the karaage and pumpkin tempura are both excellent.

                    I really gotta try that Belcampo Burger. I was eyeing up a rabbit there last week so it sounds like a two birds, one stone scenario.

                    1. re: TonyC

                      Is jay Bharat all veggie ????

                      Shit. I visit to atresia is in order.

                      I do miss ambala dhaba in west la in addition to
                      The dearly departed madhus dasparakash.