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Boozy Tribeca Lunch

I'll be dining on a Friday in late May with two friends, and we're specifically looking for a good place for the three of us to have lunch and good wine or cocktails. Tribeca makes the most sense given where we'll be going to after lunch, so I'd love any suggestions. Price per person (without alcohol) about $30-40, and we'd specifically like to avoid really casual "maintenance meal" restaurants geared toward office workers, since that's what we eat every day! Many thanks.

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  1. Distilled. Solid food, good and creative drinks, and if it's nice out (hopefully it will be by late May), there are a couple of outside tables.

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      I don't think Distilled serves weekday lunch, do they?

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        You're right, just weekend brunch. Too bad.

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          Sorry about that. Only ever around on weekends, so didn't realize there was no weekday lunch.

          The Copenhagen is open for lunch, though I've only ever been there for drinks and an appetizer.

          The Harrison is another option, though I view it as more of a solid neighborhood joint than anyplace really worth traveling for in my opinion.

          I had two bleh meals at Cercle Rouge a few years ago and haven't been back.

          Locanda Verde is also an option if you want trendy.

    2. Odeon
      Cercle Rouge
      Blaue Gans

      1. Great suggestions - thanks to you both! I've eaten at Odeon and Blaue Gans before, but will check out Distilled and Cercle Rouge.

        1. Is bubby's too casual? They will also have outdoor seating. They have a full bar, and serve breakfast til 4pm too...(in addition to lunch menu)

            1. Boozy tribeca meal to me means Walker's.

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                I love Walker's. But i'm not sure what the OP means by " not casual maintenance meal".
                2nd Walker's
                Tribeca Grill
                2nd Blau Gans
                Locanda Verde
                Petit Abeille
                Telepan Local ( I think they just started doing lunch)

                1. My choice would be Locande Verde. Another spot we enjoy is The Harrison, but have only been for dinner.