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Apr 27, 2014 01:00 PM

Please Help - Urgent Wok Crisis!


I have been away for a month and my housemate used my Wok. He left it half filled with water!!!!! I got back to day horrified to find it covered in water with bits of rust floating in it! And there looks like a bit of the black coating has come right of.

I am not sure what type of wok I have; but it is certainly non stick. Pretty sure it is Iron. I had to take off a layer of silver coating when I brought it from the store and season it numerous times.

Anyway. I have had it for months, had a beautiful black coating on it. And now I am quite honestly distraught.
I have soaked it with some detergent (prob not what It needed!) and dried it. See pics for post-soak pictures.
I heard rust can make you sick?
is this actually rust now on my wok?
Time to get a new one?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. (a close up of the weird white patch on the wok)

    1. close up of white bit that I think is the undercoat?

      1. I think this is the time for new one, sorry :)

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        1. re: LaurenKrese

          Yes,time for a new one....preferably purchased by your housemate to replace the one he ruined!

          1. re: grangie angie

            i prefer you get a hight quality one
            that's better for your work

        2. It sure looks like a rusty steel wok to me. Before buying a new one, see if you can clean it up. You could soak it in vinegar for a few hours to overnight, then give it a salt/oil scrub to remove the rest of the rust. After that, re-season and you might be good to go. It's easy and much cheaper than buying a new pan.

          If, otoh, cleaning reveals that's it's badly pitted, then I'd make roomie spring for a new one.

          1. I think you are fine and the wok is more then salvageable. Take a metal wooly scrubby thing and scrub some of the black seasoning off where that white patch is. Then re-season. Also scrape any leftover rust off.

            The wok I am currently using is one I found on the street pre garbage pick up. It was rusty and unevenly seasoned. I did the above and now I have a nicely seasoned wok. It's the beauty of these kind of woks.