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Apr 27, 2014 12:56 PM

Wegmans in Chestnut Hill

Stopped in today for a peek, and could barely get in to this new supermarket....INSANE traffic, impossible to shop. I turned right around and walked out. Wait for the hype to ease up a bit says I

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  1. Some of the stuff are pretty cheap, like $2/lb chicken breast. I wonder how it compares as a whole against Market Basket though. Based on what I've seen I think Wegmans is maybe a bit more expensive but better quality? I haven't done an item by item comparison though

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      Wegman's is not competing against MB; different market segment. It complements MB. It's more like a Roche Brothers on steroids. It's not perfection, of course, but it has a distinctive culture (as does MB, in a very different way), and knows how to do what it does very well (ditto MB). Employees are the foundation, and they build relationships with customers, and it all works out from there. This being Boston, there will be people very eager to knock it, because that's a special part of our local culture....

      It make take a month or three before the mobbing goes down. That location is awkwardly placed for coming from the east.

      1. re: Karl S

        Protip: Comm Ave to Centre Street to Langley Road, left turn onto Route 9, you're right there.

    2. I was actually able to get parking pretty easily, but inside was mobbed. There were some spots in the store that were pretty easy to navigate, but near the deli and prepared foods was pure insanity. They had free iberico ham samples, cut off the leg (very tasty) and the full line of Fentiman's sodas (the reason we went). The liquors seemed very well priced, and they had a large selection. I was happy to see local products such as Jacks Abbey and Bully Boy on sale. The checkout line moved very quickly, as well.

      1. We went around noon, just for the laugh. No tie-up on Route 9, parked immediately, and the crowds were huge but not absolutely insane or anything. Although we did skip both the meat and deli departments because of the crowding, and the food court part was nuts. We were going to pick up a sandwich for lunch, but they were out of sub rolls and I hate ciabatta, so we passed.

        I did feel bad for the person who just abandoned their cart with nothing but two cans of house brand chicken soup in it. (It reminded me of Christian Finnegan's joke about abandoned broken umbrellas on the street: "It's like seeing the exact point at which someone just said 'Ah, f--k it.'") And Allstonian said that she heard at least two people behind her moaning like Tina Belcher because of the crowds. But it really wan't anywhere near as nuts as I thought it might be.

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        1. re: Jenny Ondioline

          I was there around 2pm, and getting past the prepared food/food court area was nigh impossible, and parking outside was at capacity. I don't want to slam the store, as I've not shopped there proper, I was just warning folks to let the hype cool down

        2. How big is the food court? Northborough seats 250.

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          1. re: trufflehound

            It's a significantly smaller store. Burlington, finally opening later this year, will be comparable to Northborough. And it will have a new-generation Market Basket (plus TJs and H Mart) nearby....

            1. re: Karl S

              any idea when the fenway location is scheduled to open?

              1. re: wonderwoman

                2017. Wegmans takes its time. They invest a relatively large amount of effort into selective recruitment and training to their corporate mission and values; they might be said to leaven new stores with a core of employees from existing stores, including people from the core territory in western NY. They appear also to plan (time-wise, that is) on a certain amount of shake-out of locals who end up not fitting well - I recall talking with NY-origin staff at the Northboro location a few months after it opened.


                1. re: Karl S

                  i'm without a car, so i was hoping that it would be sooner.

          2. There was zero traffic on route 9 and I snagged a parking spot with no issue this morning. I steered clear of the prepared foods, but thought the fish selection was good. All the employees were helpful and friendly (with some very anxious to give out cheese samples!).

            I thought the produce selection was varied and large. That's probably the most enticing thing for me so far.