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Apr 27, 2014 12:54 PM

Verjus in the Abany / Saratoga region

Anyone know where to find this in our area. A search for the local warehouse stores are coming up empty.

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  1. Maybe Roma Foods or another specialty store has it or can order it for you?

    Order online from Brooklyn, etc.:

    Make it:

    1. Adventures in Food, in the Menands Market, lists Verjus Blanc and Verjus Rouge on their product list, by the 750-ml bottle and by the 12-bottle case. That's the place to buy high-end gourmet products, very nice people. You can call to see if the product is in stock, but you can also just stop in. Currently they seem to be open to the retail public from 10-2 M-F. They have everything. (They also have vincotto, plain, fig, and orange-flavored, pretty similar.) I see that they're running specials this month of poussin, golden lentils, Australian ribeyes, and Pollenbert cheese from Cohoes (Buy 10 wheels get 2 free!), just to give an idea of the range of what they sell.