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Apr 27, 2014 12:52 PM

Brookline Spa re-opening

What's the word brookline villagers, have you been by the new Brookline Spa? Is it as good as legend had it before, is it better, is it worse?

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  1. Much fancier. Smaller menu. The food seemed pretty similar, but I think my husband wanted to cry when they didn't have Italian sausage subs. He was not consoled by the cheese steak (although I thought it was similar to the old cheese steak). The old spinach salad was also good and is no longer available. The buffalo pizza seemed the same to me. The raspberry lime rickey needed more lime and less raspberry syrup, but I never got it at the old spa. On the other hand, NOBODY's RLR compares to the sour magic of Wild Willy's (hope the limes return soon!).

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      Is the cheeseburger sub still in the menu? That was my favorite.