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Apr 27, 2014 11:44 AM

Catered BBQ for grad party PVD RI

Looking for BBQ and sides for a grad party....have liked Tom's Marketplace from other parties attended. Any suggestions on others to check out before the party?

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  1. I'd check out BT'S Smokehouse in Sturbridge a ride but well worth it

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      How many people are you expecting? While not cheap BT's does full catering. I was going to use them for my husbands B-day but you really need to have at least 40-50 people to make it reasonable. The catering minimum is $1500.

    2. I've attempted BBQ dozens of times in New England. Only place I've returned to is Kit Kats in Pawcatuck, CT - Quite Excellent and rivals the best in the southeast. I highly recommend, assuming you are interested in some quality BBQ.

      1. kit kats is closed. I more than sure

        1. Becky's BBQ in Middletown. It's not bad considering where we are.