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Apr 27, 2014 10:55 AM

has this been posted? chesterman's latest review of Decca77 wowzers

well that made me a little bit uncomfortable. this is definitely for the hall-of-fame

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  1. I read it on Friday, the comments by the waiter were uncalled for and I'm male. She really panned the food.

    1. I wonder if the dishwashers will sue! Quite an insult to them, leaving aside the restaurant which will probably ignore the review and carry on!

      1. I kind of thought wowzers meant it was a rave. Ouch, that was entertaining but cringe-worthy.

          1. Wow, that's a lot of terrible!!

            I hosted a dinner there for 16 this past Jan and I have to say the dinner & service were flawless from beginning to end.
            Except for a waiter whose shirt was so wrinkled I couldn't figure out whether it was the style of he hadn't bothered to iron it LOL.

            I was warned even by some staff, that when there is an event at the Bell Center, its not the best time to visit.

            Could have this been the case? Even though its not an excuse especially when paying that kind of money.