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Apr 27, 2014 09:21 AM

Chicken salad

Have a hankering for chicken salad today. Specifically somewhere you can buy it buy the pound for take out. looking for the plain old regular variety like mom used to make, CHUNKS of chicken, mayo, onion and celery, not the wood chipper stuff you so regularly encounter and no exotic additions unless it is a version with cranberry and walnuts that I used to purchase years ago I believe in a chain supermarket in their deli section. I can't for the life of me remember where. Their regular chicken salad was also very good. thanks!

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  1. I did a demo in a Market Basket awhile ago, and I actually witnessed a worker cutting up rotisserie chickens to make their chicken salad in house....

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    1. Both Stop & Shop and Shaws/Star were also making an in-store chicken salad with leftover rotisserie chickens that was superior to the usual offerings (I find Willow Tree Farm too sweet and with that "wood chipper" texture) . It seems to have disappeared in both locations near me in Boston. Shaws/Star sometimes carries a Cape Cod Chicken Salad that has dried cranberries in it.

      1. Russo's makes a solid chicken salad: regular old-fashioned and Brazilian with olives.

        1. I buy the rotisserie chicken salad from Stop & shop on a weekly basis. I love it! They make it fresh each morning using the remaining rotisserie chicken from the night before. It is very basic with chicken, mayo and could add on anything you want. I have served it in a half avocado shell, etc.

          1. Trader joes has a version with cranberries. No wait, it's grapes. It's good, though not what you asked for.