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Apr 2, 2004 02:22 PM

solo traveler

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Im heading up to montreal and will be in town on a Sunday or Monday night. Im traveling alone and would like to try a nice place but would rather sit at a nice bar.(feels strange at a table alone) I heard good things about the Globe,do they have a good "eating bar" also is there much to do monday on
nights? Are monday nights a good night out for dinner?
all sugestions welcome
Thanks, will be in monteal in about 3 weeks.

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  1. Howdy!

    Monday's are fine, both for dining and going out. For bar eating, you might want to try L'Express (3927 rue St-Denis 514-845-5333) Casa Tapas (266 Rue Rachel E 514-848-1063) Au Cepage (212 Notre-Dame O 514-845-5436) Sakata (3977 St Laurent 514-284-3828)

    As for things to do, you might want to try the Wheel Club or check out the listings in the Mirror (one of the free weeklies).

    Play Ball!


    1. You can eat decently on Mondays. A number of restos are closed, however, and at many of those that are open, the head chef has the day off. With one exception, I would advise not ordering fish, as deliveries don't start until Tuesdays (the exception is Florida fish, which come in on Mondays).

      Yes, Globe has a bar at which you can eat. So does L'Express on St-Denis. Ditto Rosalie and the excellent Ferreira Café Trattoria, respectively on de la Montaigne and Peel downtown. If you're dining on Sunday, add Au Pied du Cochon on Duluth to the list; its bar is lots of fun because it overlooks the open kitchen.

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        Can't agree more with btfp... Au Pied de Cochon is the place to go, both for the open kitchen entertainment and the excellent Quebecois food. Not something you'll find in many cities.....

        Enjoy our city!