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Apr 27, 2014 08:16 AM

Mixing Bowl in Temescal to stop serving weekend brunch [Oakland]

What is the problem with Oakland and excellent brunch? This weekend is the last one when the Mixing Bowl on Telegraph will be serving their brunch menu. Apparently they are shifting away from breakfast hot foods, and towards just pastries for breakfast and just salads/sandwiched for brunch. Therefore, their bacon friend rice is going away, as are their excellent egg dishes. Huge bummer. They'll still be open on weekend mornings, but don't go their expected to get the brunch menu.

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  1. Brunch is as much trouble commercially as lunch or dinner, but without the larger profit margins from alcohol. The average tab is lower, without much better chance of turning tables; e.g., people take just as long over a $30/pp brunch as they do over a $50/pp dinner. As is well established, liquor is much more profitable than food and always has been.

    We go to brunch at Pican/Oakland, or at Five/Berkeley. But neither is cheap, with the added proviso that quite a few menu items at Pican are extremely spicy but not noted as so in the descriptions.

    To overcome the lower tabs/profit margins takes quantity - IOW, number of diners served. So places that serve B/L only have a leg up on this.

    We loved Barkada/Oakland and will be interested to see if their switch to full-service can be maintained. But we're retired, so we generally don't have to deal with weekend crowds.

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    1. re: jakkom

      I thought brunch was all about getting rid of food that did not sell the previous week?

      Before its thrown away.

      1. re: Mission

        Only if you're interested in a cheap brunch. We never are, LOL. But we have a fair amount of disposable income, so we're not price-sensitive.

      2. re: jakkom

        Menu at Barkada looks great. We will give it a try. And if you have other brunch suggestions, send them my way. Thanks!

        1. re: merylnet

          Barkada appeared to be closed when I rode past this afternoon. Did they go out of business?

      3. Box & Bells recently started doing brunch. I haven't gone because the menu's too brunchy for me (don't like starchy or sweet breakfasts and usually would rather something other than eggs).

        Hopscotch has a good fried rice on their brunch menu.

        1. 900 Grayson is over the border in Berkeley, but they have a well-thought-out breakfast menu using good ingredients, including poached eggs with corned beef hash, Nueske bacon, Plugra butter, good hash browns.