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Apr 26, 2014 09:14 PM

Cutting Boards

I am looking for a cutting board for double duty. First to use as a reliable cutting board but since I am in a condo with limited space I will be putting it on top of my dryer for space saving /convenience/and/ item storage. I realize this may be counter-intuitive to a cutting boards function but I am willing to forge ahead. price is not a problem and i am looking for a larger size than normal. Would love a 24x36" board 2-3" thick. I have checked out all the regular sites and manufacturers. John Boos seems to come out on top but the size of the board is what is stymieing me. Any suggestions comments and criticisms and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Suggest Cookware board.

    1. You can always order a wood counter top from the big box stores and cut it down, Ikea has nice glued up hardwood counter tops. I think you have to order them at HD, lowes.

      1. Any number of woodworkers could produce the board. Dave Smith at the Boardsmith I believe does custom work. Also most cabinet shops and semi pro wood workers. It's just a flat board.

        IMO, your idea might not be the best idea. At 24 x 36 x 3 you have 1 cu ft of wood and a weight of 40-60 lbs. Second, cost of wood alone will be near @200. If price is not an object, then that is not a problem.
        Third, the location atop a dryer could be an issue. Dryers produce moist heat and widely varying temperatures and humidity. Loading the board down with various items precludes both cleaning and flipping the board. Both are necessary for this use and location.

        If it were me, I would cover the dryer with a countertop product, and use a couple of smaller boards.

        1. <I will be putting it on top of my dryer for space saving /convenience/and/ item storage>

          In between uses, or do you mean you are just going to put your cutting board there for good? I can understand if you want to put it there for storage, but it does not seem like a good idea if you are going to use the cutting board this way.

          I am sure that you may have very limited space in your condo, but in my opinion, a cutting board should be the last item you want to transfer out of a kitchen. I would rather put the microwave or toaster oven or any applications in the washer/dryer room before putting the cutting board there.

          Beside being inconvenience, it also seems unsanitary. A washer/dryer room is very dusty and filled with chemicals. This means a lot of dust and fume will be gathered on your cutting board, and floating in the room. Conversely, cutting board can generate a lot of vegetables and meat juice/blood, and these will surely get on your clothing here and there.

          Now, if you have thought this through and believe this is the best solution going forward, then I suppose any wood board will be fine. I don't think you need to get a really expensive one especially for the situation you have mentioned.

          1. That's gonna be a heavy board. Don't know if you ever plan to move it, or whether you worry about it falling off when the dryer vibrates, but hey... it's your kitchen.

            I've had good luck with local craftspeople making non-standard boards for me. They are usually at the farmer's market, or ask at the local lumber yard.