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Advice needed for heating up Spaghetti Carbonara.

I made a very big bowl of carbonara tonight and have some leftovers. How do I reheat this? Any ideas as to what I do with this? I don't want to throw it away, the pecorino cheese was pricey! Help me please? Thanks ChowHounds.

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  1. Don't throw it away!!!!!! But it will never be what it was tonight :( I just add a really tiny bit of oo and reheat in the MW. A little bit of a time, stir, MW, a little more, etc.

    1. It makes a good base for a frittata (omelet)

      An earlier thread on the same topic: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/614004

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          Just beat some eggs, and stir in the carbonara, then cook it over gentle heat till set.

          The usual omelet/frittata/tortilla ideas about covering, flipping, or using a broiler to set the top, apply.

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            Sounds delightfully easy enough. Thank you!

      1. hi Aug-
        ATK was on today and it taped. the subject-spaghetti carbonara. their secret was to save some of the pasta starchy water and add small amount of that to the sauce made for carbonara then dump that on the pasta which helps make the life of it > longer. you're past that point.....
        but I'm wondering if making a little bit of a starchy water either by boiling a potato or small amount of noodles in small amount of hot water then stirring that into your prepared carbonara. (maybe couple of TBL at a time) could loosen it up and bring it back to life.

        either that or using it as the suggested start of a frittata or spaghetti pie.
        I wouldn't add any oil can't see how that would help.
        don't dump it though there's hope with suggestions.
        love carbonara.

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          I use the Hazan recipe for carbonara and since it already has oo in it, I think that's a good way to 'refresh' it. I don't see adding more starch to it.

        2. I would put it in a Ziploc bag, squeeze the air out and then submerge it in hot water (as hot as your tap can get should be fine) for a few minutes, until it's almost the temp of the water. Then dump it into a bowl and add just a touch of very hot water and a little additional cheese to it, stir vigorously and eat immediately.

          1. It's good cold.

            And certainly better than reheated.

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              To each his/her own. But not for me. My MW, used five or so seconds at a time, gives me great results for many things.

            2. The best way to handle leftover pasta in general is to sauté it with olive oil. Carbonara is one of the ones that that probably won't work for. I say probably because I don't know anyone who has ever reheated carbonara. I certainly haven't, but I haven't had leftovers. The trouble is the egg should not be too cooked, and reheating will scramble the eggs. Or else the eggs are completely fused with the cheese and you may get another sort of mess. As I see it, you have two choices. One is take your chances reheating in the pan with oil. The other, and more reliable, is to make a frittata. Spaghetti frittatas are greatly loved in Italy and are great for picnics, snacks, buffets, etc. As a bonus, this is where all those urges most people have to add stuff to carbonara (peas, onions, mushrooms) can be expressed.

              1. I saw this recipe from David Rocco on the cooking channel the other day, and want to make it one of these days. This might be your chance.


                1. Go low & slow for the least degradation of the product. I would put it in a large Ziploc bag with a little added liquid, preferably cream but milk, stock or even water would work. Put the sealed bag into a pot of water cover & cook very slowly @ 180-200 F.degrees until warmed through.

                    1. 1. Heat saute pan
                      2. Saute leftovers quickly over med-high heat
                      3. Eat

                      1. Aug-
                        what did you end up doing?
                        did you eat your carbonara?
                        did any of these suggestions help you?
                        how'd it turn out?
                        or did you just toss it cause it seemed a probable negative outcome?

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                          I took everyone's suggestions, but mostly yours. I put it in a glass bowl with a tight lid and set the bowl in some hot tap water. Then I got about 1/2 cup of very starchy water and put that in a non stick pan and low and slow, heated it up. Added a little more cheese, salt and pepper. Eating it now. Not as silky as the other night, but worthy of another meal. Thank you everyone for all your help. Love all you Chowhounders!