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Apr 26, 2014 06:26 PM

Best Chinese veg 2014?

Parents rejecting happy family and veg gourmet. Any other suggestions? 626 or 714 preferred.

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  1. Why are they rejecting Happy Family?

    Veg Gourmet I can understand, but why Happy Family?

    In any event, next best bet to Happy Family is probably Happy Veggie in Rowland Heights.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      They don't like the new environment. They prefer the old hole in the wall Chinese restaurant feeling, vs the giant window uv light cafe feeling. It's a vibe thing.

    2. i never understood the veg chinese fascination. when i was eating vegetarian i always preferred to just go to restaurants and get scallion pancakes, leek and egg bao or dumplings, a green vegetable, a meatless garlic noodle, etc

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      1. re: narcissisticnonsense

        Fried oyster mushrooms. Button mushrooms in the style of orange chicken. Game changers.

        Also: need an environment more appropriate for Mother's Day.

        1. re: narcissisticnonsense

          Many Chinese people (and others of different nationality) go to Chinese vegetarian restaurants not just to eat vegetables, but because they lead a vegetarian lifestyle -- either by choice or by religion.

          Many of the vegetable dishes (even vegetable-only dishes) at typical (i.e., non-vegetarian) Chinese restaurants are prepped in such a way that they contain meat derivatives (e.g. pork stock or broth, conpoy, etc.)

          1. re: ipsedixit

            yeah, but i know plenty of people that are flexible and like to seek out happy family and such. but button mushrooms, i guess - to each his own.

            1. re: narcissisticnonsense

              you clearly don't get it, but at least you've chosen an appropriate moniker.

              1. re: barryc

                I think by flexible he means not religious and not strict about meat derivatives. I know a lot of vegetarians that ease up their diet when at a restaurant for convenient's sake. And if we're just considering taste, I'd grab some leek dumplings at Luscious over Happy Family.

        2. This is where they're thinking...

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          1. re: ns1

            Go in with the expectation that they are more Indo-Malay-Thai (or, in other words SE Asian) Vegetarian than truly Chinese Vegetarian.

            Just FYI.

            They do good business, but I find their food inescapably bad.

            1. re: ns1

              Reporting back from Bodhi Veggie Cuisine

              Overall pretty decent. Very nice restaurant - wide open spaces, giant tables, super comfy seats. Not what I expect from a chinese restaurant.

              Ordered ~10 dishes, mostly the classics. Overall good, nothing was bad, per se. Notable standouts were house special "chicken" w/ brown sauce (mushrooms), and fried shiitake mushrooms in orange sauce.

              Fairly heavy on the saucing, they lean sweet instead of salty so expect alot of sweet sauces and a lot less MSG.
              2 gratis rounds of dessert, 1 giant section of watermelon and some funky rice porridge like dessert.

              Good, and I might return for the seats and house special "chicken", but overall vege gourmet/happy family better IMO.

            2. know any chinese buddhists? you might ask them for recommendations.

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                1. re: Sgee

                  +1 on Vege Paradise. Get the crispy shiitake mushrooms! Skip the Buddha's delight, which is the only thing I've been really disappointed by there.