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Apr 26, 2014 06:19 PM

Dive Bars Spring/Summer 2014

Given the recent discussion about Dive Bars started by Matt H, I wanted to ask some questions about some places that I have not been to, yet.

Brasserie Du Sud, 1277 Désaulniers, Longueuil
Taverne Jarry, 552 Jarry E
Lucky's Resto Bar, 6445 Monk
Brasserie La Résidence, 405 St-Jean Pierrefonds

My questions (in no specific order)
What's the food like?
Are there pool tables?
What are the prices like?
What is the lighting like?
When do you think it had its most recent renovation?

And then finally, does anyone know of any other Old-School/Dive/Traditional places that serve beer like it was 1980? 1960? 1940? that are not located downtown or on the Plateau?

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  1. Hubby and I are recent transplants to the WI, and we checked out "The Rez", as it's known locally. We had lunch and a couple of beers in December.

    The food was okay, we stuck to the safe choices, a club, and a cheeseburger. Place is very clean. Did not see a pool table. Lighting is not too dim. I would say it's been maintained well for a good 30 years- lots of wood, bricks, and a high vaulted ceiling.

    I would be hard-pressed to call this a dive, but it does have the requisite video lottery machines. We would go back for a game, for sure. There were at least 7 big TVs.

    I've noticed 2 more in the neighborhood that suit your criteria more. Brasserie Fredmir, on Gouin @ Fredmir, is a more depressing room, long tables, old men, lottery machines, ugly formica bar iirc, smells of grease, and the only food they serve is a few munchies in the evening.

    The second one is called Bar Chez Paul. It's a little intimidating-looking for a lone woman, so I haven't been in. Looks to be quite old, and I imagine the prices are decent, it just looks divey. 14109 Gouin, just east of St. Jean.

    1. I google-mapped, streetviewed Brasserie Du Sud. I'm almost certain I ate here 2 years ago.
      Speaking to a coworker about my love of pigs feet at Capri (pattes de cochon), he brought me here for lunch.
      I liked it immediately; largish room with 4 inch thick wood tables, old-school tavern vibe, all ages, from 20s to 80s.
      Likely same draft pipes since the 60s.
      The pigs feet was E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T (on par with Capri) and cheap.
      I'd always like to go back, but its not really in my neck of the woods.
      Its been awhile, but from what I remember,
      - other than pigs feet, I don't know
      - pool tables, don't remember, but maybe not
      - prices, cheap. Kinda what you'd expect from off-island neighborhood joint
      - lighting, somewhat dim - you'd be blind for awhile if walking in from sunshine
      - most recent reno? I dunno, maybe the 70s

      1. I'm just throwing these out there;

        Mayfair tavern in Pointe Claire
        a bitch to find, but it hasn't changed too much since the 50s. I never ate here per say, but it shares the kitchen with Deli Bees which is joined next door. Owner Philip Varvaro's dad started The Main on St. Laurent and Deli Bees arguably has the best smoked meat in the city.
        Mayair only serves beer (and wine coolers
        )They have jam nights on Saturdays which is way cool. (Music apparently runs in the family, as Smoked Meat Pete, who has regular live music, is Phil's brother)

        Nearby on Lakeshore
        34 Ch du Bord du Lac Lakeshore, Pointe-Claire
        is the Green Hornet. I only stopped in here a coupla times, but its a good place. Don't know about the food, but its a regular, neighborhood dive.

        In Dorval, Duffy's next to the dorval shopping center on the 20 service road (direction Montreal)
        Kind of a peculiar neighborhood bar, divey, bad decor, but with a name like Duffy's, worthy of a stop
        (don't know about food


        There used to be a load of places in Lachine, but alas, they're out of fashion.

        Once in a while, i stop into "Bar" on Notre Dame a block and a half west of Atwater. Mrs. porker calls it "the old man bar". Old school tavern kinda place (me thinks no food).

        Bar Des Pins on Parc just below Pine (Pins) is old-school trying to update itself.
        My father used to frequent this place as his cardiologist was just around the corner.
        I've only been a coupla times and it confuses me a bit. Not quite yesteryear, not quite today, but it still has an old vibe.
        Prices kinda high (IMO), but worth a stop just to check things out. (don't know about food).

        If you happen to be driving on the 219 in summer and pass through Sherrington, perhaps make a stop at the Sherry Bar.
        You could elbow up to their bar from the outside.
        Country dive. Cheap.

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        1. re: porker

          When I go out west, I always stop in at Taverne Cousineau (31 Ste Anne) bad food, but free peanuts sometimes. Very bright due to a complete renovation job after the fire a couple of years ago.

          Despite the lack of cigarette smoke patina it still is my preferred drinking establishment out west.

          I second the Mayfair heartily.

          Although the couple of times I've been to Bar Des Pins, I've found it more expensive than it should be.

        2. Dives outside Plateau or downtown:
          Bar Snowdon, 5022 Decarie, west side just south of Queen Mary.

          Ho-Ma has pretty much nothing but dives. Just take a walk on Ontario and throw a rock, you'll hit one.

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          1. re: Shattered

            Shattered, I think Bar Snowdon goes beyond just a "dive" bar. lol

            1. re: Shattered

              Bar Snowdon is Le Bievre now.

              And Shattered, you haven't visited Promenade Ontario in a while. yes there are still some dive bars. But they are quickly being replaced by Microbrasseries and Neo-cocktail lounges.

              Going over the website of Les Promenades Hochelaga-Maisonneuve:
              The Dives:
              Bar Salon Manon
              Bar St-Vincent
              Brasserie des Patriotes
              Taverne Davidson
              Taverne Ontario

              The Non-Dives
              Atomic Café
              El Jumelgi
              Gueule de Bois chez M. Cartier
              L'espace Public
              Le Chasseur
              Monsieur Smith

              It's only a matter of time...