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Mar 22, 2004 06:09 PM

BYO's - Plateau Mont-Royal

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I'm reading about a lot of BYO's in Plateau Mont-Royal. 917, A I'Os, Academie, etc. Academie is located on Saint Denis Street. Would that be close or far from Auberge du vieux port? I have no idea. Walking distance? Metro? I would like to hear from anyone regarding BYOs nearby our hotel. Thanks so much!

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  1. Am not aware of any BYOs in Old Montreal. Many Plateau BYOs are within easy walking distance of the Sherbrooke and Mount Royal metro stations, which are on the orange line, the same line that passes by Old Montreal. À l'os is technically in Mile End, not the Plateau, and is not particularly close to a metro station. However, the bus system is quite good and taxis don't cost an arm and a leg.

    L'Académie and Au 917 are inexpensive and popular but, IMHO, are best avoided, as are most of the BYOs on the Prince Arthur, Duluth and Roy strips. Instead, choose a place where you'll have a memorable meal:
    - Le P'tit Plateau (Mont-Royal metro), southwest French bistro
    - Le Bleu Raisin (ditto), market French
    - La Colombe (ditto), market French
    - Le Piton de la Founaise (ditto), Ïle de la Réunion cooking
    - Le Poisson Rouge (ditto, though it's a 15-minute walk), mostly fish
    - Les Héritiers (10-minute walk from the Laurier metro), market French
    - Chuch (Sherbrooke metro), cafeteria style BYO arm of the vegetarian Thai/Chinese restaurant ChuChai.

    If you're willing to take a longer metro ride and change trains:
    - Christophe (Outremont metro), upscale market French

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      Thank you for your info! However, what does "IMHO bdest avoided" mean? Also all of these sound nice:
      - Le P'tit Plateau (Mont-Royal metro), southwest French bistro
      - Le Bleu Raisin (ditto), market French
      - La Colombe (ditto), market French
      So, if I come out of Auberge du vieux port, I would walk to the metro and go to the Mont-Royal stop? We will have a car, is that better? I just don't want to get lost.
      If you would like to give me further insight and instruction, feel free to email me. I would appreciate it. Thank you.

      1. re: shopgirl

        In my books, best avoided means the food isn't very good.

        For more on Le P'tit Plateau, search the thread titles for "P'tit". La Colombe has been talked about some on Chowhound but doesn't show up in any thread titles. Le Bleu Raisin has a website with an up-to-date menu:

        As for the metro, yes, you'd have a ten-minute walk from your hotel to the Place d'Armes metro, then a ten-minute metro ride to the Sherbrooke or Mont-Royal station and then a five or ten-minute walk to the restaurant.

        You are not necessarily better off taking your car, especially in the Plateau, where parking can be horrendous. That goes double for big cars. Not only is the area both a popular dining destination and a residential neighbourhood, but on many streets half of each block is permit-only parking for residents. On the other hand, you'd have an easier time finding a space in Mile End, À l'os's neighbourhood.