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Apr 26, 2014 01:54 PM

Pilar's Tamales & Salvadoran Kitchen; Warren & Ann Arbor

~10 years ago I had a wonderful tamale lunch in Ann Arbor. Much later I attempted return to the restaurant, but could not remember the name or location. Sigh ...

Today; I took a random route home from the dentist. On southbound Mound Road, just north of Chicago Road, I caught a glimpse of Pilar's Tamales. Eureka! But in Warren? Yup.

Owned and run by the son of the woman running the original Ann Arbor restaurant.

BIG kitchen, very small dining room. Two tables. One counter. Twelve chairs. Why the BIG kitchen? They use it make the tamales that they sell at Eastern Mkt and many of the farmers' markets. The dining room & take-out is simply ancillary business.

Three tamales for $10. I tried to order one of the plantain tamales, but they were frozen. Rather than keep me waiting, it was offered as a gift to cook at home.

If you like tamales and happen to be in the area, Pilar's is worthy of a stop.

Ann Arbor: 2261 West Liberty Street,
Warren: 32237 Mound Road,

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  1. I am so pumped up to try this place--- thank you for the lead!!!!! (Warren, right near my, cubicle, that is.)

    1. More is on the menu than just tamales ...

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        Is it danger? Is DANGER on the menu? Tell me it's danger...I so want it to be *DANGER*.

        Danger. ;)

      2. I tried the Warren location a month or so ago, and had a long chat with the owner while he was getting my food ready. It's obvious that he loves what he's doing, and for those who are gluten-free (not me), this restaurant is a godsend.

        The papusas are enormous (much bigger around than El Guanaco in Troy), and very tasty. The curtido was a lot different than I'm used to, not as spicy. The tamales were pretty good, but I'd probably stick to the papusas next time. All in all, a very good experience. I will be back to try other selections since it's so close to home and work.

        1. Tamales were very good, as were the sides, but I have to say the house-made horchata was so gritty it was like drinking quicksand...