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Apr 26, 2014 10:31 AM

Mel's Fish Shack?!

I've passed by this delightful looking spot numerous times on the way home from work, etc. It's located on Jefferson, a little West of Crenshaw.

Has anyone been? I'd love to know more and if it's just a typical fried-fish spot!

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  1. Paul F briefly covers it in this fairly recent mini review of multiple places he had been to:

    1. Yep. It is on my way home when I bike from Culver City. It is the only fish place I know of which asks how done you want your fish. Say if you traveled from the OC and you want the fish to last through your trip home you ask them to fry it hard. if you are having it at the counter Soft or Medium will do. Many of my coworkers love it. I think it reminds me of how the Southern African American folks at my church do their wonderful lenten fish frys My wife likes it but prefers a place on MLK and Denker called King's Louisiana Seafood.

      1. Just ate there today. It was really good... Best Hushpuppies I've had since Florida and I would like to bathe in the pot of greens they had.

        I got the fried fish and shrimp combo. You get your choice of fish, I got the cajun catfish. A cornmeal / flour coating. This wasn't the thin catfish I have gotten at lesser places. This was thicker, and flaky and tender.

        My GF got the grilled snapper with grilled shrimp.

        Had a great time talking with the staff... Really felt welcome!!

        1. Never been. But thanks for the heads up.

          I'm always looking for another "You Buy, We Fry" to add to my list.

          I liked the joint in the shopping mall with a Popeye's at the corner of Crenshaw and Slauson.

          1. ok, I'll give it the proverbial whirl.

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              Save some $$ and check out these Deals for Mel's Fish Shack:

              $22 of Food/Drink for $13 or $40 of Food/Drink for $24


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                I was going to say that as well.

                There are constantly groupon deals for Mel's.