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Carciofi Alla Giudia

Since it is artichoke season I am wondering whether any restaurants are serving carciofi alla giudia (fried artichokes roman Jewish style). I am particularly looking for the dish made from long stemmed large globe artichokes NOT babies.

Has anyone eaten this dish in Manhattan made with long stemmed large artichokes??

Thank you very much for your help.

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  1. I haven't had it here personally, but it was the first place that came to mind:


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      That is the only place that I have seen Roman Jewish cuisine as well. Wonder if there are any others....it's NYC so there MUST be:)

      1. re: elasticwaistband

        According to their web site, those artichokes are sauteed with garlic and olive oil.

        I have never seen the variety of artichokes that are used in Rome, used in NYC.

      1. re: Ttrockwood

        From Va Bene's web site:

        "Carciofi alla Giudia - Artichokes Cooked in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Garlic - Roman Jewish Style $18.95"

        The best version in NYC is, imo, at Maialino. They use what are called baby artichokes; of course, they're not babies at all, just artichokes located on a different part of the plant. But at Maialino, at least they're properly fried.

        1. re: mitchleeny

          I could be mistaken but I do not think the artichokes at Maialino are prepared alla Giudea; I do remember that they were delicious, though!

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            They don't call them alla Giudea on the menu, but:

            "Carciofini Fritti - Fried Artichokes & Lemon......$14"

            1. re: mitchleeny

              They ARE delicious but they are NOT alla giudia. Not even close.

              1. re: mbfant

                Thanks, Maureen!

                Is alla Giudea a large artichoke, served whole, pressed so the leaves open up when it is deep fried?

                Have you had the version at Lupa?

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                  Yes, that is the idea of the Roman alla Guidea preparation but the size might vary.

                  The ones at Maialino are lightly battered and deep fried small artichokes, as I remember, and that is the prepration we often see on NYC menus today.

                  Alla Giudea are usually served like this, in my experience; I've never had them in NYC, however, and our artichokes would most likely be of a different variety than those served in Rome:


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                    I think I've seen the long-stemmed artichokes for sale here in NYC; probably at Eataly. Or Fairway? Or
                    Whole Foods? Obviously, I can't remember.

                    1. re: mitchleeny

                      They are seeling fairly large, long-stemmed artichokes now at Eataly.

                      1. re: erica

                        Last week I did demos of trimming artichokes Roman style in New York, mostly with really crummy artichokes. The only halfway decent ones had been bought at Whole Foods, not sure which one but probably Union Square. They were like romaneschi on steroids, i.e., the right color and shape but humongous. The others, including the ones I saw at Eataly, were a different type -- more triangular thorny leaves, lighter green, less fresh, pointier overall shape. Even if Eataly now has the quasi-romaneschi, they are undoubtedly too huge with too much choke to make good carciofi alla giudia.

                  2. re: mitchleeny

                    Lupa appeared to be simply deep fried baby artichokes, perfectly fine but not special for $17.

                    1. re: DavyTheFatBoy

                      I remember Lupa serving a whole Globe artichoke, on butcher paper. Might've been years ago, though.

          2. re: Ttrockwood

            I've order them them almost every time I go to Va Bene and Tevere 84 (two reliable, traditional Italian restaurants on the UES run by a Roman Jewish family) and they're delicious. On the other hand, I've eaten them at kosher restaurants in Florence, Rome, Venice and Jerusalem (all places where they should be authentic) and no 2 approaches have been the same. Recently had delicious large, stemmed Carciofi Alla Giudia at Ruth's in Florence, delicious, although entirely different than the batter dipped baby chokes I ate several years ago in Rome.

          3. Now that I think about it more, I believe Lupa does a version with full-sized artichokes.

            Indeed, on their menu for $14.

              1. La Vara has a great version

                1. Boulud Sud uses baby artichokes, and they are delicious!

                  1. No clue really but perhaps Sammys?

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                      I thought Sammy's was Ashkenazi/Eastern European Jewish food….cannot imagine that they would offer artichokes of any kind, but I've not eaten there, so….

                      1. re: erica

                        I don't think anything green--giudea or not--has ever crossed their threshhold.

                        1. re: Amy Mintzer

                          to be fair,carciofi alla guidea tends towards the beige side of things . . .not that i think sammy's has it, but its not very green.

                          1. re: tex.s.toast

                            I guess stuffed cabbage does not qualify as "green!"

                            But I just looked at their menu and was surprised to see a listing for "garlic broccoli!" Maybe a nod to the nearby remnant of Little Italy. Or maybe for the many vegetarians that must be flocking to the restaurant.

                    2. Thank you all.

                      I called Va Bene and it sounded like their artichokes are what we call babies.

                      I am looking for this dish:


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                      1. re: Unkle Al

                        I know a nice little place in Rome...

                        Seriously, those artichokes are pretty much impossible to find in NYC, especially at this time of year. This might provide some insight...


                        1. re: mitchleeny

                          I just saw some of these at fairway this afternoon- $6 each and rather sad looking with brown spots and such...

                          1. re: Ttrockwood

                            Fresh Direct just delivered wonderfully fresh, enormous globe artichokes to my Manhattan kitchen.

                            Also perfect sugar snap peas and sad, brown, lame fiddleheads. But the fiddleheads at Fairway this week were also sad, brown and lame.

                        2. re: Unkle Al

                          Yes, and they're delicious, too. I did eat the ones shown in your video recently; at Ruth's in Florence. Delicious.

                          1. re: AdinaA

                            I was referring to the baby chokes alla guidia at Va Bene. delicious.