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Apr 26, 2014 08:03 AM

Suggestions for UES between 90th and 116th Streets

I am traveling to Manhattan soon and staying in a completely different neighborhood this time and ISO meals I can get to easily.
I am very open to different cuisine, though coming from San Francisco there is no shortage of Mexican food where I live. ( More open to Spanish or Puerto Rican flavors) or anything destination worthy up that way… would like to keep the tab no higher than $50 for myself on the high end.
thanks in advance

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  1. I frequently go out of my way to hit Patsy's Pizzeria, 1st Av & 117 St. Terrific coal oven pizza, if you like coal oven pizza.

      1. I live in the neighborhood, and here are some places worth checking out:

        A-jiao (excellent Szechuan): 2nd between 94th and 95th

        Drunken Monkey (Indian and cocktails): 92nd between 1st and 2nd

        San Matteo Pizza (excellent brickoven pizza): 2nd and 91st

        Ichiro Sushi: 2nd between 87th and 88th

        El Paso Taqueria: 97th between Park and Madison

        Earl's Beer and Cheese: Park Ave between 97th and 98th

        Vinus and Marc (cocktails and small plates): 2nd between 94th and 95th

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          thank you for the local input. Nice cross section of choices. Between your list and the threads from scoopG and MacTAC I should have plenty to go on for that neighborhood. ( I am staying on 5th and 106th) Thank you.

          1. re: saffrongold

            You are in luck for Puerto Rican. You are right in the thick of it. Do not miss Lechonera El Barrio on 103rd street.

          2. re: keemaoorbust

            What do you recommend at A-Jiao? I recently tried their Sichuan wontons and was rather disappointed.

            1. re: JungMann

              The eggplant with garlic sauce is very good.

          3. Working our way northward, some of the more worthwhile stops might include:
            Infirmary - Creole
            Sfoglia - Italian
            Peri Ela - Turkish
            Tarte flambee - Alsatian tarts
            Kaia - South African
            Lucy's Whey - Wine and cheese
            ABV - New American
            Earl's Beer & Cheese - Fat kid/stoner cuisine
            Dough Loco - Gourmet donuts
            Little Luzzo's - Neapolitan pizza
            Lechonera El Barrio - Puerto Rican
            Amor Cubano - Cuban
            Milk Burger - Burgers/delivery
            Camaradas - Puerto Rican
            Hot Bread Kitchen - International bakery
            Cuchifritos - Puerto Rican snacks
            El Barrio Restaurant - Dominican/Puerto rican
            Patsy's - NYC pizza

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            1. re: JungMann

              I second your suggestion of Little Luzzo's and Lucy's Whey as well but had a really bland and disappointing meal at Peri Ela. Dough Loco wins points for wild and crazy flavors but the donuts themselves don't have a pleasing texture in my view.

              1. re: JungMann

                Jung Man: great list but in my experience Little Luzzo's has gone downhill recently. The last time couple of times I tried it the Neapolitan slices had practically none of the specified ingredients on them. Sad to say I'm looking for a replacement neighborhood pizza place.

                1. re: City Kid

                  Have you tried Lexington Pizzeria - Lex and 101?

                  1. re: JC2

                    Thanks, JC2, I've heard of it and will give it a try!

              2. I love La Corsa Italian restaurant. It's a pizzeria with a nice dining room and an outside patio for nicer weather.
                A little bit out of your area is Barawine which is slightly fancy with a very nice bar area and dining room. Creative eclectic menu.