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Apr 26, 2014 07:28 AM

best open late weekday restaurants takeout or sitdown in queens?

Anywhere in queens but prefer central queens or eastern queens as often shopping in long island carle place area can end late and only option are shake shack open till 11 most other spots there close at 10 to 10 30,,,, thanks

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  1. Mad For Chicken on Northern Blvd. in Murray Hill is open till 1:00 AM. Highly addictive chicken wings...

    1. Anything specific? There are a plethora of Korean joints along Northern. Some Greek joints too. White Castle on Bell & Northern. The closer you get to Flushing the more likely something will be open.

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        flushing is a bit out of the way, as headed back to kew gardens area--but a stop off of expressway near bayside would work ok..white castle definitely not...looking for good spots, not junk food...the chicken place might be good, my son loves wings...

      2. Shalimar Diner on Austin Street and 63rd Drive in Rego Park is open until midnight. Longtime favorite.