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Apr 26, 2014 06:51 AM

Special Dinner with Favorite Niece

Will be in town for one night on Thursday and want to treat my niece to an enjoyable meal. The two of us are staying at the Mayflower Park Hotel downtown. My niece has a car so she could pick us up and drive us somewhere (or we could stay downtown.) I was thinking a relaxed bistro-style restaurant with cocktails and seafood would fit the bill, but any type of food would likely work. Not super fancy, but somewhere that is fun, special, and has great food. Thanks.

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  1. you're a short stroll from the excellent BLUEACRE SEAFOOD at 7th/olive where your niece can valet park or use the garage across the street at pacific place. good bar service, northwest wines, daily menus

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    1. re: howard 1st

      Thanks for the tip. This might work well.

    2. How old is your niece, and what kind of food does she like?

      That would help in pointing you to a great meal....

      1. I would totally go to Matt's in the Market.