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Apr 26, 2014 06:23 AM

Need a recommendation

I am visiting Seatlle from San Francisco. I have never been to Seattle. I am looking for one moderately priced restaurant. I am meeting an old friend so we need it to be not too noisy so we can talk. It should be convenient to my hotel near the convention center and the ferry to Bainbridge. I don't care what kind of food, but probably not Asian.

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  1. Go to matts in the market. Quiet and cozy. Best view.

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      Good rec, though the OP should take a look at the menu online...definitely toward the upper end of "moderately priced" for many people.

      1. re: eight_inch_pestle

        It's in the middle-part of "out of my price range" for a lot of us.

    2. Blueacre Seafood:


      It is very near the Convention Center, the room is spacious and it is easy to converse, and they serve reasonably priced excellent fresh local seafood.

      1. What about Lecosho? It's in between the convention center and the ferry.


        1. Boat Street Cafe is usually good, and has a nice, quiet atmosphere.

          Pink Door provides good Italian, isn't too loud, and if the weather cooperates, has very nice outdoor seating.

          Palace Kitchen is good, and reasonably priced, but may be just a hair louder than you want. They have several quieter tables, but it's a bit of a roll of the dice.

          Serious Pie might fit the bill.

          Tango has a nice tapas menu, and is (just) quiet enough to have an intimate conversation, even when it's hopping.