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Apr 26, 2014 05:44 AM

Turkey parts 'L&S' for a tight budget.

Juicy, tender, cheap ($9.00) for all this turkey. Bones for stock.
Into a couple of glass oven pans. Rubbed on a little OO/Kosher salt/dried thyme/sprinkle of dried orange rind. Preheat oven to 200 F. Into oven uncovered for a couple of hours middle rack. Deep internal temp, not touching the bone, of the drumsticks 160 F. Out of oven. Rested for about twenty minutes. Raised oven rack up one space. Turned on the broiler. Put the turkey parts on a tin foil covered cookie sheet. I am superstitious about over heating the glass dishes and I wanted to remove the liquid to make gravy from. Note I turned the pieces so the undersides that were on the bottom of the glass dish/s was face up to the broiler element.
The pieces then turned a nice golden color in about five-eight minutes.
Removed from oven and let rest uncovered until cool enough to remove the meat from the bones.
I always crush the large bones with a pair of vice grips before I use them to make stock.
Made a roux using the fat/juices. Stirred in boiling water to make about a liter of gravy.
Here's a couple of before and after pix.
There are ways for people on tight budgets to eat good home made food. These turkey pieces will easily feed two people four meals not including the stock/gravy. That works out to about $1.12 per protein portion of the meal not counting the other costs which would be incurred just driving to Wendy's anyway.

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