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Apr 26, 2014 03:09 AM

Mid-priced restaurant in Copley

We are looking for a mid-priced restaurant somewhere near Copley (staying at the Westin) and walking back from Fenway after an afternoon game on a Sunday. We will be in "ball game" attire, so nothing too formal.
Actually, any place from Fenway to the Westin would work.
We like seafood (I especially oysters) and prefer a good craft beer selection. We enjoy eating at the bar, if that helps.
(More formal dining experience is at a table)
Thanks for the help.

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  1. Help us out a bit. What's your definition of mid-priced in $ terms?

      1. I don't know if this post will be viewed as unfriendly by the mods, but i only mean it as possibly helpful to you. Like many CHs on the Boston board, I love to help visitors to Boston. We are proud of our city and want visitors to have some good chow.

        There is no CH rule that visitors must report back, but i have noticed that visitors who do report back are really appreciated for the experiences they share- that we can pass on to other visitors. And on return trips, many people remember them and are quick to offer suggestions.

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          From my outstation in the stygian swamps of Louisiana I offer a loud "hear! hear!: Responses are valuable for much about good guidance and even unto cluelessness on various parties' parts. I follow the Boston and NE Boards out of a childhood/teen residency and am keen to keep up with affairs in The Olde Towne.

          1. re: opinionatedchef

            Excuse my ignorance and inconsideration regarding my lack of response to my inquiries for my last trip to Boston.
            We travel to Boston two to three times a year and appreciate the help from this Board.
            Certainly no disrespect was intended.

            We enjoyed our last visit in March yet it rained the whole time. We arrived on Sunday at the Commonwealth Hotel and took the advice of this Board to visit the Eastern Standard for Sunday brunch and The ICOB for dinner. Both recommendations were excellent. We purchased some Red Sox souvenirs for our new preemie twin grandchildren and after a good night sleep headed back to Alewife for the ride home.

            Thanks to all that help us plan this visit.

          2. well, if it were me, i'd happily head back to ICOB and Eastern Standard/Hawthorn; while they may seem dressy, their bread and butter is the casually dressed Sox game goers.......
            Otherwise, there have been a number of positive reviews, both CH and other, for Citizen Public House and Sweet Cheeks, both located on a major thoroughfare right behind the ball park. Do a Search (upper right corner of this page) for their names and choose 'Recency' as your option, and a couple of good and recent threads will come up.

            Do hope you'll report back to us, wherever you end up.
            Glad to help. BTW, for me, anyway, it's not a matter of disrespect; it's just a matter of manners.

            Hope you have a great time and better weather.

            1. Salty Pig for charcuterie and pizza, and it has craft beer and some bar seating and is close to the Westin.