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Apr 26, 2014 01:59 AM

SGV Changes Pt. II, Garvey in MPK: H&H, Bamboo Creek

With a fairly recent ownership change, H&H has what appears at a glance to be a slightly revised menu, somewhat better translated and seemingly with a bit less emphasis on Sichuan (DISCLAIMER: I haven't had a chance to study the menu in full). Still no noodle dishes on the to-go menu. The better translation sadly means no more Scary Cabbage or Crispy Eggpants with Eggs.

Pan Pan Xian(g), they of the rabbit dishes and Haggis hot pot is gone, replaced by Bamboo Creek. Small menu at Bamboo Creek, seemed like every occupied table had a pan of whole fish. They also have "Dancing Eggplant" Waitress told me new owner and that they were new.

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