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all about dosas!

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  • stak Apr 25, 2014 07:17 PM
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So, thanks to CH suggestions, I recently had my first dosa, at Thanjai on Van Horne, and I am now somewhat obsessed. It was delicious. So I want to know other good places to get them (anywhere good near Plateau/ mile end?) and your recs for favourite kinds. I tried Chana masala for my first one. It came with 3 sauces/ chutneys: one thick and coconutty, one that seemed a bit fruity, and a pretty spicy one. Does anyone have more info on these sauces? Are they always served with these 3? What is the proper way to eat a dosa? Tear off pieces and use them to pick up bits of filling? Or do you use a fork?

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  1. Stak, I've only has Dosas at Bombay Choupati but they are so good. Thanjai is on my list to try very soon at that point we'll compare. But I definitely recommend Bombay Choupati it's quite popular on these boards as the best Indian in the city not just the West Island, IMO at least.

    1. To answer your questions:
      1. I don't think any rests in Plateau & Mile End serve this. Maybe some Parc-X Indian restos have them. Check out the online menus of Maison Indian Curry, Bombay Mahal and Chaand Palace before making a trip.
      2.Another popular dosa is Masala Dosa. The filling is spiced potatoes.
      3. The chutneys are commonly: coconut, sambar and tamarind. Sometimes they offer a mint/coriander and coconut or Indian pickles. The most traditional is the sambar (not really a chutney).
      4. The proper way to eat them is by tearing off pieces and picking up the filling and/or dipping in the side accompaniments

      1. My favourite dosa at Thanjai is the pav bhaji dosa. It's a variation of a street food normally served in a bun, but here served in a dosa. Delicious. I think the "fruity" dip at Thanjai is actually a creamy tomato one if I remember right.

        I recently tried a masala dosa (potatoes & onions) at Jolee and was great. Came with two sides - coconut chutney and sambar. Very substantial and filling.

        Bombay Mahal also has a nice masala dosa, very spicy.

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          Kpzoo, that spicy one at Bombay Mahal is the Fire Dosa it's overkill and seems they just add a lot of extra cayenne pepper. I recommend the spicy dosa as its listed on the menu.

        2. I had this excellent masala dosa (photo) at Punjab Palace on Jean-Talon recently. I ate it by ripping and dipping and then cutting when the filling was denser. I did keep stealing from my son's curries across from me though as they were delicious too.

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            That looks lovely. I haven't been to Punjab Palace in years; think it has been spruced up? The problem is always getting friends to try different places from their usual haunts; I don't enjoy supping alone, in restaurants that is.

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              We thought we might be the only people eating at Punjab Palace while Bombay Mahal had a lineup, but it filled up quickly after we arrived. We ordered delivery from the Bombay Mahal location on St-Laurent tonight and although it took about an hour to arrive, it was great. It's a nice option to have for the butter chicken addicts around here. I preferred the Punjab Palace version, less like a dessert with chicken in it, but usually stick with lamb curry in any case.