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Apr 25, 2014 07:17 PM

all about dosas!

So, thanks to CH suggestions, I recently had my first dosa, at Thanjai on Van Horne, and I am now somewhat obsessed. It was delicious. So I want to know other good places to get them (anywhere good near Plateau/ mile end?) and your recs for favourite kinds. I tried Chana masala for my first one. It came with 3 sauces/ chutneys: one thick and coconutty, one that seemed a bit fruity, and a pretty spicy one. Does anyone have more info on these sauces? Are they always served with these 3? What is the proper way to eat a dosa? Tear off pieces and use them to pick up bits of filling? Or do you use a fork?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Stak, I've only has Dosas at Bombay Choupati but they are so good. Thanjai is on my list to try very soon at that point we'll compare. But I definitely recommend Bombay Choupati it's quite popular on these boards as the best Indian in the city not just the West Island, IMO at least.

      1. To answer your questions:
        1. I don't think any rests in Plateau & Mile End serve this. Maybe some Parc-X Indian restos have them. Check out the online menus of Maison Indian Curry, Bombay Mahal and Chaand Palace before making a trip.
        2.Another popular dosa is Masala Dosa. The filling is spiced potatoes.
        3. The chutneys are commonly: coconut, sambar and tamarind. Sometimes they offer a mint/coriander and coconut or Indian pickles. The most traditional is the sambar (not really a chutney).
        4. The proper way to eat them is by tearing off pieces and picking up the filling and/or dipping in the side accompaniments

        1. My favourite dosa at Thanjai is the pav bhaji dosa. It's a variation of a street food normally served in a bun, but here served in a dosa. Delicious. I think the "fruity" dip at Thanjai is actually a creamy tomato one if I remember right.

          I recently tried a masala dosa (potatoes & onions) at Jolee and was great. Came with two sides - coconut chutney and sambar. Very substantial and filling.

          Bombay Mahal also has a nice masala dosa, very spicy.

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            Kpzoo, that spicy one at Bombay Mahal is the Fire Dosa it's overkill and seems they just add a lot of extra cayenne pepper. I recommend the spicy dosa as its listed on the menu.

          2. I had this excellent masala dosa (photo) at Punjab Palace on Jean-Talon recently. I ate it by ripping and dipping and then cutting when the filling was denser. I did keep stealing from my son's curries across from me though as they were delicious too.

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              That looks lovely. I haven't been to Punjab Palace in years; think it has been spruced up? The problem is always getting friends to try different places from their usual haunts; I don't enjoy supping alone, in restaurants that is.

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                We thought we might be the only people eating at Punjab Palace while Bombay Mahal had a lineup, but it filled up quickly after we arrived. We ordered delivery from the Bombay Mahal location on St-Laurent tonight and although it took about an hour to arrive, it was great. It's a nice option to have for the butter chicken addicts around here. I preferred the Punjab Palace version, less like a dessert with chicken in it, but usually stick with lamb curry in any case.